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    A couple weeks ago I brewed a big ~9 gallon batch of Gavin's Glorious Pilsner for a party coming up in June. Everything went way too well. Hit my numbers all the way through, fermented at 53F in the freezer plugged into Inkbird control, packaged into two 5 gallon cornys and dropped it to 33F at...
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    SWMBO win!

    SWMBO here met my renewed interest in brewing with the mother of all eye rolls. But today I scored a minor point with her. She enjoys seltzer water as her n/a drink of choice, so since my keg of ESB kicked the other day, I filled it with water and put it on 25psi of CO2. Now she has some...
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    Lesson learned.

    I recently restarted brewing after many years away, catalyzed by finding a good deal on some AG equipment at a yard sale. First batch was a simple pale ale that came out quite good current batch is in primary now but not so sure of it being a success. As brew night grew late and I weary and...