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    Summer Beer Recipe Advice (Partial Mash)

    Planning on brewing a refreshing summer brew now that the snow is starting to melt. The recipe is based on a Kolsh style beer. Critique this if you please... OG 1.045 FG 1.010 IBU 30 ABV 4.7% Fermentables Ingredient Amount % MCU When US 6-Row Malt...
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    another Kentucky Common question...

    I have been reading the previous threads on the Kentucky Common style, and since I live just on the other side of the river from the KY (and my affinity for sour beers) I immediately wanted to give this style a try... My question is, as opposed to doing a sour mash (which seems like it has a...
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    Mini-mash efficiency?

    I am using BeerAlchemy software to calculate recipes, and one of the fields in the "Processes" column is "Mash Efficiency." As of now I am doing Partial Mash/ Steeping with extract, generally adding around 1lbs of 6-row pale malt to both my steeping extract grains, and to a separate pot where I...