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    SUPER faint fermentation odor

    I decided to try a pseudo-lager with Nottingham. It's Light DME, bit of crystal 10L for body/head, Northern Brewer for bittering, NB and Liberty for aroma; OG 1.041. Fermentation temp is 55F. It's about 56 hours since pitching, got about 1" of krausen, and way more airlock activity than I...
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    Sparkling Fruit Mead - What Competition Category?

    Hey, everyone! Winnipeg is having one of it's first pro/am brewing competitions this month. I have a mead my friends and family are encouraging me to enter. It's a 12% dry sparkling mead, with raspberry, blueberry, saskatoon, red currant, and rhubarb. The way I read the BJCP...
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    Mother of vinegar to sour stout?

    Hey, HBT! I'm planning a couple one gallon stouts in the next few weeks. I've read about getting the distinctive Guinness-style "twang" by deliberately spoiling a bottle or two of stout, boiling it, and adding it back to the brew in secondary. Would deliberately adding mother of vinegar...
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    Who is your brewing mentor/hero?

    Hey, fellow HBT'ers! I looked, and couldn't find this thread - I think it might be an interesting one... Who was/is the person who got you in to brewing? Who gave you the extra boost you needed when you were staring down your first extract kit? Who first told you to relax, don't worry...
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    Anyone ever brew a swankey?

    A historical, dark, anise-spiked style: Pennsylvania Swankey! I've read the Mad Fermentationist's historical brewing post. Anyone else ever try this recipe? Or have other places I should look? My Dad is a big fan of anise. He went through a phase a couple years ago where he was trying...
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    Pineapple plant???

    Anyone out there every use Pineapple Plant (aka wild chamomile, aka Matricaria discoidea) in a beer? I like it as a tea, and I've used it to give a citrus/pineapple punch to vinaigrettes - planning to use it in a North American Pale Ale type beer this spring. I was thinking adding some at five...
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    Showcasing Homegrown

    Hey everyone! Just wondering what brews, if any, you use to show off your homegrown hops. I've got a bunch of mystery hops - kind of Cascade-ish - and I've been thinking a Sierra Nevada Pale Clone type - but am really interested to see what other people are doing. I also have some...