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    L6-30P adapter

    Right, I didn't mean to say you should cut the cord on the new equipment. You can just get a replacement dryer cord, like this one http://a.co/d/dg0sutE and wire it to a L6-30R end like this one http://a.co/d/86kJcEP and make your own. That said, for the $10 more to have the nice molded one and...
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    L6-30P adapter

    That adapter from Amazon looks like the right ends, but like I said the 10-30 outlets aren't grounded, so it might just be connecting the equipment ground to the neutral, which is a little sketchy. Probably never be an issue, but not exactly kosher. That GFI looks like the business, if you don't...
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    L6-30P adapter

    If it is an L6-30P twist-lock (that's what the L is for) than you're probably not going to find a ready-built adapter. It's pretty easy to wire one, just buy a dryer replacement cord that matches the outlet in your house and wire it to a L6-30 cord end, they sell both at nearly every hardware...
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    Happy accident-extra Berlinerweisse. Ideas?

    I have been absurdly busy lately and lost track of what was in my kegerator. I thought I was out of dry-hopped Berliner (a staple of my existence) and had a full keg of pale, but turns out it was the other way around. Meanwhile, I based a brew day on that mistake and made another batch of...
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    1/4th Keg keggle conversion

    Is it a tall quarter barrel or a pony keg? If it's a full height, it's a bad proportionality for most gas burners. Also, the tighter curve of the smaller diameter would make it harder to get the weldless fittings to seal. If you don't have a choice, I'm sure with enough effort it could work...
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    Developing and Maintaining a Healthy Drinking Lifestyle

    @stephelton You're spot on. I'm glad that many of the commenters are healthy, but I'm sure there is a silent majority who either aren't going to comment or even deliberately avoided reading the article. I guess there may be a few chemistry geeks who started brewing without loving beer, but most...
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    Adding whirlpool to keggle?

    Bargain fittings sells a street elbow that has been machined to a barb fitting on one end, I just installed them in place of the jam nut on my weldless fittings in both my HLT and BK so they can draw lower in the kettles, and they're great. They would be great for a whirlpool, imho. Smooth...
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    Underletting Mash at Dough-in

    I'm not sure what resistance you mean, I realize that it might be a little slower than dumping it on top using gravity alone, but I have a pump that I can push it in. Coming from below the false bottom, I can only assume that head pressure would push out any blockages in the false bottom, as...
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    how to release pressure from my CO2 line?

    If it's a ball lock, you can just use your finger (or something narrow and blunt) to push the center post in the fitting. With 30 PSI it might take a little force, but you won't damage anything unless you have Samson-like powers or use something sharp. Same goes for the gas or liquid posts on...
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    Underletting Mash at Dough-in

    I'm fairly new to brewing, and learned mostly by brewing with a friend, so I never thought about underletting to dough in, but only because it's not what we did. I have done it a few times to relieve a stuck sparge, but I'm wondering if there's any downside to just mashing in from below...
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    Should New Breweries Have A Dump Fund?

    More breweries should forgo the dump fund and just serve junk, it's always nice to find commercial brewery equipment at bargain prices on Craigslist.
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    Should New Breweries Have A Dump Fund?

    @CA_Mouse Breweries in CA need to pay taxes on beer that crosses the threshold from production to sales, and if you dump it before that, it's not taxed. I'm not sure if this is state specific, but if you ruin a batch in production and never put it to your kegging or bottling line, it isn't taxed.
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    Building A Copper Wort Chiller

    I put a garden hose thread on the discharge of mine and run it out to a sprinkler. It sprays pretty far before it lands so I'm not worried about scalding my lawn. It's nice to be able to see the water at least doing something more useful than flowing down the driveway. It also looks dramatic...
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    March AC-1C-MD food garde?

    I just got one in the mail I ordered from eBay for under $50 after I needed to return a Chugger pump that I had on loan from a friend. I haven't brewed with it yet, but I'd say keep shopping unless you are sure this one will meet your needs, which I'm wondering about for myself right now. March...