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    Barley Wine Virgin

    Victory Old Horizontal might be my favorite Barleywine. You just have to let it age about 6 months before you drink it, and it just keeps getting better from there... (And it's made right in your back yard.) Weyerbacher Insanity is another great one from Pennsylvania, but its a Bourbon Barrel...
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    Summer Beer Recipe Advice (Partial Mash)

    Planning on brewing a refreshing summer brew now that the snow is starting to melt. The recipe is based on a Kolsh style beer. Critique this if you please... OG 1.045 FG 1.010 IBU 30 ABV 4.7% Fermentables Ingredient Amount % MCU When US 6-Row Malt...
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    another Kentucky Common question...

    I have been reading the previous threads on the Kentucky Common style, and since I live just on the other side of the river from the KY (and my affinity for sour beers) I immediately wanted to give this style a try... My question is, as opposed to doing a sour mash (which seems like it has a...
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    Mini-mash efficiency?

    I am using BeerAlchemy software to calculate recipes, and one of the fields in the "Processes" column is "Mash Efficiency." As of now I am doing Partial Mash/ Steeping with extract, generally adding around 1lbs of 6-row pale malt to both my steeping extract grains, and to a separate pot where I...