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  1. J

    Pennsylvania Keggles & HD mash tun

    Testing the waters. Need to brew 2 batches in the next 2 weeks so these will come available afterwards. 2 Keggles for sale. Both have the tops cut off and 1/2 ball valves installed, non-welded. I also have a 10 gallon Home Depot cooler with 1/2 ball valve and DIY grain filter drain. I’m in...
  2. J

    My Own Recipe

    This is my first ever "own recipe". Made completely from scratch. I call it Bellandy's Double IPA. 8.1% ABV 8 oz hops....
  3. J

    Bored Saturday=Shiny Corny

    Well its been raining and miserable the past 2 days. Car buffer and some Mother Mag Aluminum Polish = Shiny new corny keg. Before After
  4. J

    My own...

    Since I'm starting my own recipes, I think I need my own label. Going for a old style feel with it.
  5. J

    Leaking Pressure Keg ?

    So I've come to the conclusion that the pressure relief valve on my corny key is leaking pressure. At high pressure, say 28-38 PSI, there's no hissing coming from the keg. When I lower the pressure down to 5-8 PSI for pouring beer, there is hissing. I've lost all 5lb of CO2 because of this...
  6. J

    Home made wort chiller ?

    I just made a wort chiller and have a question about the copper. This is probably the second time I've soldered something and my copper has turned a black color near the elbows where I solder. I've attached a picture so you could see what I'm talking about. Should I use some kind of cleaner or...
  7. J

    Double IPA attempt... Feedback

    Ok for the past few days I've been obsessed with coming up with my own extract Double IPA recipe. Since this would be my first non kit beer, I was wondering if I could get some feedback. Boil 5.5gal 1lb Crystal Grain Malt 20L 3lbs Light-DME (MoreBeer.com) 6lbs Light-LME (MoreBeer.com) 1oz...
  8. J

    Double IPA Critique

    Ok I've put together this Double IPA recipe hoping to get some feedback:mug: (Extract) 6lb. Amber Malt Extract LME 2lb. Extra Light DME 7oz. Crystal Light Grain Malt 20 L 2oz. Target Pellet Hops (Bittering) 2oz. Bramling Pellet Hops (Dry Hopping) 2oz. Challenger Pellet Hops (Flavor/Aroma)...
  9. J

    double ipa recipe?

    I just brewed a double IPA true brew kit about a week ago and i must say that it is by far my favorite from the true brew kit selections. i've brewed it about 6 times already because its so good. i want to start experimenting though with creating my own double ipa recipe. this year i will be...
  10. J

    to late to grow?

    would it be to late to start growing now (6-29-09)? i live in MA and its just been nothing but rain it seems for the past few weeks.
  11. J

    5lb CO2 usage?

    i was wondering how many 5gal corny kegs can i get out of a 5lb CO2 tank? i'm new to kegging, just wondering how many times im going to need to refill CO2. currently i'm only using one corny.
  12. J

    New Kegerator & Double IPA

    Here it is my new Kegerator and my first ever Double IPA. The tap handle is a B&M shifter from my old car.
  13. J

    Double IPA Kegging ?

    Hi everyone! Im new to the forum but not so new to brewing. Got about 8 or 9 brews under my belt and this past couple of weeks i decided to keg my beer for the first time. Went out and got me a corny, co2, fridge etc etc... My question to anyone that might now is.... I'm nearing the end of my...