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    Brewday gone bad - Burned wort?

    Oh, man what a brewday I had to day! What was supposed to be a longish 5 hour brewday with a rather long mash schedule (BIAB) has turned out to be 9 hours and will end up in around 10 hours total! During the start of my boil, my electric heating elements gave out so I had to boil the 6...
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    Recipe help

    Hi guys, I am trying to finish off some of the supplies I have before ordering new ingredients and I need some help on formulating a recipe out of this mess! What I am basically looking for is a session beer on the hoppier side in the 5.5-6% ABV range around 5.5 gallons. I have just been...
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    Norcold Kegerator Conversion

    I got a used Norcold fridge that I am converting to a kegerator with a 2-tap tower. I'm trying to figure out if I need to worry about coolant lines with this fridge. I have tried the corn starch / alcohol method without seeing any results. Do I have to worry about coolant lines on the...
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    Recommendations for American Craft Beers?

    Hi all, I will be in the states (NJ) soon and was hoping to try out some of the great beers made in the USA. Can anyone recommend some great beers to try out while I am there? Thanks in advance!
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    Homebrew shop near Hoboken, NJ?

    Hi, I will be traveling to Hoboken next month and I am planning on picking up some Corny Kegs, a malt mill and other stuff while I am there. Can anyone recommend a good homebrew shop near Hoboken?
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    Low OG on first Hefeweizen, what now?

    I just put my first Hefeweizen into the fermenter but the Original Gravity was lower than I was aiming for. It ended up at 1.043 but I was aiming for 1.052. My guess is that the reason was probably because: I changed my equipment which resulted in less evaporation than in my previous boils...
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    Carafa Special III

    I bought way to much CS3 and I was wondering what kind of beer I could make that requires alot of Carafa Special III. Any ideas?
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    Second AG - Galena experiment

    I just got a pound of Galena hops and want to use it for an American Amber Ale style and here is the recipe that I have come up with so far. I will be using Safale US-05 dry yeast for this one and it will be brewed using the Brew In A Bag method. Any suggestions for improvements? Will...
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    Rothaus Tannen Zaepfle clone

    Hi all, I'm looking to make a Rothaus Tannen Zaepfle clone in the not to distant future (see here and here) but I have no idea where to start. Has anyone tried it or have any suggestions on how to go about it? Thanks, upstream
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    Suggestions for first AG with only Fuggles hops?

    Hi all, Im getting ready for my first All-Grain batch using the Brew-In-A-Bag method from down under (www.BIABrewer.info). I have pretty much all the required equipment for the process but am a little bit limited when it comes to hops. I only have Fuggles pellet hops for this first batch...