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    Brewed First Cider Batch, Help Please

    On Sunday I decided to try my hand a making a small (1 gallon) batch of cider. I did an Apple Pumpkin, used Cider Yeast and followed a recipe I found after some digging around. 15 oz can pumpkin puree All the typical pumpkin spices Gallon pasteurized apple cider 1 pack Cider yeast Nothing too...
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    First Brew on Picobrew C sediment

    I made my first batch using freestyle, picked my own grains etc. I made a honey peach lager. I put the adjuncts in the fermentor. Fermented for about 8 days. Used geletin and cold crashed for 3 days, in hopes the sediment would drop. I racked to bottles to carbonate. They are still going...
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    Picobrew C setup issue

    I just got my picobrew c. I was starting the first rinse. I got an Err 18, which is rotary seized. I followed the trouble shooting steps which didnt help. I sent a tech issue email to customer service. Has anyone had this issue? I am curious if this is something they will walk me through or if I...
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    Picobrew C Is it possible to add things while brewing

    I ordered the freestyle paks, and I though it would be fun to try and add things. Vanilla pods, fruit, citrus peels etc. Has anyone tried this?