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    Bottling Belgian Blonde for competition

    Hey folks, Last week, I chose to brew a Belgian Blonde for a competition in mid October. It should turn out to be around 7% (OG 1.064). Fermentation is nearing completion and temp is ramped up to 74F. Normally for competitions, I force carb and bottle a few with a beer gun. This is my first...
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    Double IPA February Star's Delight - Northeast/Heady style DIPA

    Just finished brewing this up. I've been reading a lot of NE style IPA's and I wanted to try and brew one up. I haven't been able to try the likes of Trillium, Tree House, Hill Farmstead, etc. I've only had Heady from this area. Wanted to try and somehow achieve this famed mouthfeel from that...
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    Diablita Pale Ale

    Here's a recipe I brewed last night. I formulated the recipe on a whim without my brewing software handy, but I am trying to approximate something close to a "Heady Topper Light" or a Hill Farmstead Edward (which I have not been able to try). Feedback always appreciated. 6 gallon batch 1.060...
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    Destiny, Enamel Stripper DIPA

    Brewing this up tomorrow. Shooting for an 8% beer light in color and heavy heavy on hop flavor without biting bitterness. Let me know what you think. It's obviously Heady Topper influenced but I'm looking for the Citra to really bring out some citrus. We'll see how it turns out. I'll be kegging...
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    FT: Toppling Goliath Assassin ISO: List

    I scored a bottle of this year's release of Assassin. I love the way TG brews with hops (probably my favorite new brewery), but I'm not much of an imperial stout guy so I think it's best if I traded it. I can also offer New Glarus beers, who make some of the best fruit beers in the world. I can...
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    My latest IPA

    After having Toppling Goliath's Zeelander, I'm interested in using the Nelson Sauvin hop with some of my favorites, Amarillo and Simcoe. Here's what I put together. It's mashing now. Let me know what you think! 84.9% Two Row 9.1 % Munich 10L 3.0 % Caramel 60L 3.0 % Carapils 1 oz Amarillo FWH...
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    Multiple dry hop additions = oxidized.

    The last IPA I brewed, I did a massive, two-stage dry hop. First dry hop in the primary, then racked off the yeast/hops and into secondary for second dry hop. It was oxidized. Yesterday I brewed up a Double Jack clone, and it was probably the most seamless brew day to date. 20 minute whirlpool...
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    FT: Aged (2005) Dark Lord

    I have 2 bombers of Dark Lord from 2005. They were stored in cellar temps out of light. I tried to get into impy stouts, but they're just not for me. I'm looking for high end hoppy beers. I've had Heady, Pliny, and Zombie. I'd love to try some Hill Farmstead or Firestone Walker.
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    First competition results

    After breaking into all-grain brewing about 6 months ago, I decided to enter my first local competition. I brewed a double IPA and my score averaged out at 28.25, with the individual judges scoring it at 31, 28, 29, and 25. I was pretty pleased with the first 3 scores, and was really shooting...
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    Toppling Goliath pseudoSue - Can you clone it?

    Had this on tap a few weeks ago at Dexter's Pub in Madison and it was amazing. Liked it more than Zombie Dust, which it is currently always getting compared to. I looked around and haven't seen a thread on how to clone this, so I thought I'd start one up. What I know of it: 1) All citra hops...
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    Submitting hefe for competition (ingredients question)

    Hi folks, There's a competition coming up in my city that I've been looking forward to. I brewed an awesome DIPA (a Heady Topper variation) that I will be submitting. I also recently brewed 10 gallons of a hefe (Crop Circle Wheat clone) that my brother-in-law asked for as his 30th birthday...
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    Hands of Fate Cascade Pale Ale

    I came up with this recipe after having an amazing wet hopped cascade harvest ale. It turned out fantastic and will be a staple here on out. Tons of hop flavor with minimal bitterness. I brewed up 10 gallons of it and used s04 in one carboy and Conan in another. The Conan was fruitier and a...
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    London Porter

    Going to brew up 9 gallons of FLP (or something close) on Sunday. We want 9 gallons to go into two 5 gallon carboys because our larger primaries are currently taken up with 10 gallons of Gumballhead. Let me know what you think. I'm also using 14 lbs of two-row and 2 lbs of marris otter (instead...
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    Set-up and start-up cost ideas

    Hello HBTers, I'm posting on behalf of my friend. He is an owner of a property and would like to turn it into a social club with a heavy emphasis on homebrewing to attract members. We have some questions for you. He'd like to get into elecrirc brewing and have an above-average setup, but...
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    Hoppy Hoppy Red

    Would love to make a hoppy red, similar to Green Flash Hop Head Red. I think this will be my extract send-off beer before we make the switch to all-grain. Would like any feedback on the recipe I put together. The malt bill is basically Jamil's Evil Twin plus an extra lb of DME. And I'm looking...
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    Moving to all-grain!

    After two partial mashes, my brew buddy and I have decided to go all-grain. Actually, I have decided this and will be letting him know :D He's the handyman of the duo, so we'll probably go the DIY method of converting a cooler. Anybody have any tips? I've seen lots of tutorials but do not know...
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    ISO: ZOMBIE DUST! Have: New Glarus, Bells, Tyranena, many other midwest brews

    Just tasted this nectar on tap in Madison, WI. I believe it's only on tap at one place in all of Madison. I would love to get my hands on some bottles.
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    Fuller's London Porter clone - OG 1.062 high?

    Hi all, I brewed a Fuller's London Porter extract clone I found online somewhere. The recipe called for a 2.5 gallon boil, but after I steeped the specialty grains, I bumped it up to a full 5 gallon boil, then topped off at the end after some wort evaporated. I ended up with an original...
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    Furious clone - Secondary fermenter question

    Hi folks, Sunday the 25th, a buddy and I brewed the NB Furious clone recipe (extract), found here: http://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/beerkits/Furious_Pro_Surly.pdf I've got about 6 batches under my belt, so I wanted to throw a question out to you all. The instructions say to...
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    IPA extract recipe question

    Hi folks, I'm pretty new to brewing...probably have about 6 or 7 batches under my belt, and I'm sticking with extract batches with specialty grains for now. I'm hoping to brew my version of Surly Furious IPA next weekend, which is a very hoppy, 99 IBU IPA with a copper hue. I found two...