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  1. LittleRiver

    Compressor fan for kegerator

    You could use a temperature controller to turn on/off a fan. The temp controller and fan would be plugged into a separate wall outlet, so there would be no need to modify the refrigerator wiring. The ITC-308 controller paired with a small 120V fan would be the easiest to setup. Just ignore...
  2. LittleRiver

    What are the disadvantages of brewing small batches on a larger system

    If you use a false bottom in your rig, that could cause problems since a large percentage of the water will not be mixed with the grains. I've brewed some 3gal batches in my 15gal kettle, fermented in 6.5gal fermenters, and didn't have any issues. For a 1gal batch I'd probably just use one of...
  3. LittleRiver

    My First Attempt At BIAB

    You obviously did your homework, because that's a great first BIAB! Reading through it I was going to suggest that your mash temp "problem" was probably just stratification, and that a good stir before taking your temp reading would clear it up -- but you had already reached the same...
  4. LittleRiver

    Needing some feedback on my first BIAB plan

    I use the Priceless BIAB Calculator for water calculations. It will give you much more information than you need, but it's easy to pick out the bits you do need. Enter these variables (leave the defaults on everything else): target OG batch size grain bill weight hop bill weight temp of your...
  5. LittleRiver

    Which beer faucets do you prefer and why?

    I followed the link to Lukr, and discovered there's such a thing as a beer spa, where you can take a beer bath.
  6. LittleRiver

    Can't contain my excitement!!!

    In most situations it doesn't take much insulation to get good results. I have a $15 kids sleeping bag that fits perfectly over my kettle & burner. The zipper makes it quite easy to install/remove. With it I typically hold temps within 1 degF for a full hour. Only in the dead of winter will it...
  7. LittleRiver

    Yeast Sank, No signs of fermentation

    I've had a couple of sluggish starts. I gave them a good stir (power drill attachment) and raised the temp a few degrees. It worked. When I was stirring, I also gave the yeast some encouragement. I think I said "Wake Up You Lazy Bastards, You've Got Work To Do!" Come to think of it, that could...
  8. LittleRiver

    Can't contain my excitement!!!

    BIAB is a great way to make great beer. Enjoy!
  9. LittleRiver

    Which beer faucets do you prefer and why?

    I have zero doubts that a lower mass faucet will foam a bit less on the initial pour (what percentage?). However I'm unconvinced that signs of condensation on the faucet represents better overall performance. Thermal transfer is a two way street. The benefit of a lower mass faucet cooling down...
  10. LittleRiver

    Random Picture Thread

    The pilot in the photo is adept at doing slips from his many hours of glider experience. He'll hit the mark. ;)
  11. LittleRiver

    BIAB Efficiency Calculation

    I've always been intrigued by climbing. Even as a young child I thoroughly enjoyed the simple act of scrambling on top of a rock. I don't know why, it was just part of me. As a teenager I was drawn to climbing bigger rock faces, always with a child like fascination with them. I just enjoyed the...
  12. LittleRiver

    Getting back into it. Need advice on equipment

    You're going to find opinions on this that run the gamut. On the extreme end (which they do not see as extreme) it is critical at every step. A more moderate position is to limit oxygen exposure after the beer is fermented. This means purging the keg of oxygen, then doing a closed transfer...
  13. LittleRiver

    Which beer faucets do you prefer and why?

    You can't use return springs with FC faucets.
  14. LittleRiver

    Getting back into it. Need advice on equipment

    5lb bottle will last you a long time with two small kegs. That's the smallest size my local gas supplier will exchange (they don't do fills). Yes, that will work. I'm assuming you mean kegs. I find 5 gal to be a good batch size, plus its the most common size for recipes. Keep in mind you can...
  15. LittleRiver

    Glass Carboy Bottom Explodes

    I'm glad you weren't carrying it when that happened. Clear wide mouth PET fermenters are all I use. They're easy to clean, and they don't break.
  16. LittleRiver

    Thinking about All Grain

    That's when you accidentally drop your phone into the kettle during the mash.
  17. LittleRiver

    RIP Pat Hollingdale - brewing pioneer responsible for making BIAB popular

    Pat, I raise my glass to you and your buddies who searched for, and found, a simpler and more elegant way to brew. Well done!
  18. LittleRiver


    This boy is so sweet and lovable. He is also a master hunter. He recently caught, killed, and partially ate a jackrabbit that was as big as he is. What amazed me was that he managed to bring the rabbit into my shop, fully alive, through his cat door. I know the rabbit was alive when he brought...
  19. LittleRiver

    Nukatap Faucets

    I don't doubt that a low mass faucet will have less foaming on the initial pour, but to what degree? It would have to be a substantial difference for me to consider changing my faucets. All I've seen so far is marketing hype, with no test results to back up the hype. Like I said, I don't...
  20. LittleRiver

    crush size...larger/coarse but mash longer?

    I crush at .025", mash for 45-60min, hoist the bag and let it hang it drain over the kettle for the entire boil. I don't sparge, I don't re-circulate, and I don't squeeze the bag. With this simple and enjoyable process I get BH efficiency that is consistently in the low 80's. Higher OG brews...