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    Anyone having trouble sealing those 2.5 gal AEB kegs?

    I'm not seeing any obvious leaks with the star san spray but my AEB kegs (I used keg lube on the rings) are not fully carbonating at 11 psi. They are partially. Cranked it up to 18 psi, still no marked difference. Purged the kegs and re-gassed, so there's still CO2 in the tank. Am thinking maybe...
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    PVC falls into the boil! Health consequences?

    I built a hop strainer using PVC and metal screws similar to a few I've seen on this forum. On my last brewday, it slid off the kettle rim and into the boil. It was in for maybe 8 seconds while I fished it out, and the PVC was warped but not melted. i went ahead finished, racked to primary and...
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    Need help setting up a shirron plate chiller

    I've been combing bulletin boards for a comprehensive guide to setup a new plate chiller (in this case, shirron) and i can't find one anywhere. the best is jekster's youtube post, which is helpful to see but not altogether instructive. would someone be willing to post a sticky step-by-step of...