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    FT Bell's HopSlam

    Looking to trade Bell's HopSlam. Looking for other IPAs. Heady, Blind Pig, Susan, Sip of Sunshine,Ghandi Bot, Furious etc
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    Ohio 3 Type C Camlock Fittings and Assorted Hose Barbs

    3 TYPE C CAMLOCK STAINLESS STEEL 1/2 Inch FITTINGS. 2 1/2 Inch STAINLESS STEEL HOSE BARBS 2 1/2 Inch PLASTIC ELBOW HOSE BARBS All brand new never used fittings. Looking to get $15 Including shipping
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    Ohio 4 Way Gas Manifold - 5/16" barbs

    Gas manifold with four shut-off check valves and 5/16" barbs. Chrome plated brass. Brand new never used. I did remove it from the original plastic wrapper but it has never been used. I paid $39.99 plus shipping for this but I cannot use it so my loss is your gain. I'm asking $30 OBO and I'll...
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    3 way CO2 distributor Faucet and shank

    I am looking for a 3 way CO2 distributor and a faucet and shank. I'm looking to upgrade my system from 2 kegs to 3.
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    Dry Yeast and Freezing Shipping temps

    I have some dry yeast in route to me at this time and it is well below zero here and will be for the next 7-8 days. I am wondering if anyone knows what temperature dry yeast can withstand? I normally keep it in my fridge but there is a big difference between the 38 degrees in my fridge and the...