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  1. kilospencer

    weed beer

    is it possible to infuse marijuana in a beer recipe? if so how? is it possible to extract thc from marijuana into the beer?
  2. kilospencer

    Clone recipe help?

    Hey guys I'm looking for a certain beer recipe, (pig minds vanilla bitch slap beer clone)can someone guid me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. kilospencer

    beer pot size help

    hey guys, im new to brewing, whats the best size pot for brewing beer to buy for making 6 gallon batch?
  4. kilospencer

    Bayou classic 800-410 10gallon help

    hey guys, I’m new to brewing beer, I just bought new bayou classic 800-410 brew pot, my question is, “how big of a batch(in gallons) can I make with 10 gallon pot?”, I’m using a beer kit(gumball head clone) with dry malt extract. I’m using a gas stove also. If I want to make a 8 gallon batch...