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  1. smelltheglove

    burn on inside of stainless steel brewing kettle

    didnt wanna hijack...but this is kinda related to burning and oxy-clean w SS! :drunk: ....I did about a 32 hour soak in oxy-clean to try and loosen up some scorching on the bottom...it got rid of them pretty well after I scrubbed with the blue scrubbie. But now it left this grayish matte...
  2. smelltheglove

    Noob Experiment

    Congrats....sounds like your going to have beer to me! But why sucha small boil? Is your equipment limiting you? Taking into consideration all the water loss and straining of the trub from the boil...seems like your 2 gallons that you boiled went down to about .5 and you added 5 gal of water...
  3. smelltheglove

    Help with Google. IT guys please help.

    oops was trying to edit yeah was going to say pretty much same thing.... the site is just a big picture so your SEO optimization is going to be pretty much limited...you do have the picture ALT=Tampa calligraphy so the google spider will eventually find that...(pretty much why your ranked #1...
  4. smelltheglove

    Yeast Starter Bubbling!

    Congrats :mug:...yeah its pretty amazing what the little buggers can do, they're freakishly tough little bastards I let it go for 2 days on stir plate (and maybe an extra day just sitting out if I have time)...fridge for 1 day or until I brew...decant top beer off...shake it up and pour into...
  5. smelltheglove

    Washing Question

    it looks like trub to me...could be picture though, I cannot tell for sure. The trub is going to look dark and gritty (sometimes you can see the old hop particles n etc...)..the yeast is going to look creamy white (beige)...was this in the fridge and for how long? It still looks pretty cloudy...
  6. smelltheglove

    Help with Google. IT guys please help.

    the deep crawl supposedly happens once a month....but they say they do smaller crawls all the time. But yeah basically, a site is going to be hosted off a server...and domain name is just a shortcut name for the server's address (these can be changed anytime). Why are you changing domain names...
  7. smelltheglove

    How much to pay for CO2

    15$ for me but it comes out to about 20$ after taxes
  8. smelltheglove

    $25 Gift Card to Lowe's, What Should I Get?

    +1 on the chiller...and kegging with extract with fine. Some of us don't have extra hours to spend doing AG and I cant stand bottling anymore...
  9. smelltheglove

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2010?

    +5 Porter +15 IPAs +5 Stout +5 Pale Ale 17226 + 30 = 17256
  10. smelltheglove

    IPA Critique

    Made an IPA just like that...Centen for 60 min then cascade like at 30 and amarillo at 20 and flameout...(cant remember the amounts, probably around .5oz to 1oz) then dry hopd with 2oz cascade/amarillo. Turned out great one of my fav IPA's...that recipe should be what your looking for if you...
  11. smelltheglove

    Kim Jong Ale

    hahahaha niiice....gotta love the team america...for sure on the filter or else they end up lookn like movie stills w the filter its got ur own little kick to it...did u try maybe less noise more pastel?
  12. smelltheglove

    I feel validated

    Congrats on all the improvements and hope your enjoying the joy...of homebrewing! As to why this girl likes heineken...yeah wierd. hope this is a real close "friend" of yours..But to each their own...I cant take anything in green bottles anymore (becks, mickeys, heini, grolsh)...maybe it was all...
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  17. smelltheglove

    SWMBO blind taste test

    If you really want to have your own microbrewery then by all means take into account what "others" think of your beer...but personally I was sick of spending $10+ on a six pack of good beer...so its all about what I like. There is a huge variety of beers...why? because people are NOT the same...
  18. smelltheglove

    so here is where I am confused-- the transfer

    SIPHON...do not pour your beer from the primary into the bottling! That will create oxygen and ruin your fermented beer...Do you have an easy siphon??? Did you buy a brewing kit? The siphon should have come with your stuff if you did. Oxygen in the wort is created when its splashed around, not...
  19. smelltheglove

    Help with floaties!

    I used Safale-04 yeast. I am going to try and cold crash and then bottle from there. Thanks for the replies! Cheers
  20. smelltheglove

    Help with floaties!

    Hey All, I am on my first batch. I have been quitely reading all the posts I could around here...all i could find was posts on HUGE floaties and INFECTED floaties but I need some advice on what to do with these floaties. These seem to be a little bit different than what i could find looking...