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    How to ground hot water heater element in cooler?

    I've installed a hot water heater element in a cooler that I plan to use as a sous vide machine. Any ideas on the best way to ground this? I'll always have it plugged into a GFCI breaker, but my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that grounding is still essential. FYI I also...
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    Spa Panel Wiring

    I just bought a 50 amp spa panel. I have an unused breaker in my box that I believe is 100 amp (50 x 2). See pictures below. A few questions: 1. Can I wire the spa panel to this breaker? 2. Is this indeed 100 amp? 3. If it is 100 amp, should I consider getting a higher amp spa panel? Thanks!
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    How often do you clean/sanitze your HLT?

    I'm looking at various options for my electric build (thread here). Right now I'm thinking two vessel with no HLT due to space constraints, however I do have the option of installing an HLT out of the way above the rest of my equipment. Given that it's just water in the HLT, how often does it...
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    It's Time... Hybrid RIMS/HERMS eBuild

    Time for me to toss out / re-purpose my collection of pots, buckets, and burners and build a real brew rig. I'll chronicle each step of the build here and plan to be finished within a few months max. Right now it's time to nail down plans. I've already purchased a BCS-462 box and happen to...
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    Moving from Ranco to Fermtroller Newbie Questions

    I currently have the following setup: 1. A True TDD-2 kegerator plugged into a Ranco single stage controller. Bought the True on Craigslist and think the thermostat is bad, so using the Ranco to override. 2. An old mini-fridge with a "paint can / light bulb" heater inside with another...