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    Conical-RIMS idea

    This idea is simply replacing the Boil Kettle in Kettle-RIMS system by a conical fermenter. Therefore, it is C(Conical)-RIMS by replacing the K(kettle). Conical Fermenter ○ SS conical fermenter. Big enough for boil volume. For 5 gallon batch, 7Gallon might be enough while 14 gal might...
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    YABC-Yet a Brew Controller: BrewManiacEx

    BrewManacEx is a brew controller based on ESP8266. It was started by mimicking famous Arduino-based Open ArdBir, so most of Open ArdBir functions are included. Manual and Automation brewing process control PID and PWM heat control Automatic PUMP control The operation is almost like Open...
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    Running BrewPi without RPI would lose the most powerful functions of it, but these will still be available: Remote LCD display: Run-Once-and-forget device setting: Temperature control, include scheduled temperature: The only thing missed is the beautiful temperature charts, but storing the...
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    WiFi enabled Open ArdBir

    I hesitated to share this because it hasn’t been well tested and might not be mature enough. In fact, I just having the third real brew trial right now. It is in fact not exact an Open ArdBir. I started from studying the source code of Open ArdBir and realized I was not able to modify the...
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    Lazy Susan - automatic hop dropper

    I did it because it can be done. I built two versions with cheap and fragile material which cannot be use in real application. They are built as the proof of concept. Someday, I will make a real one. Components 1.Arduino Uno , $3.5~10 2.KY-040 rotary encoder $1.0~ 3.I2C LCD 16×2 (I use...
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    California Stainless cooler mash tun w/ false bottom & kettle

    1. Thermometer-installed Stainless Mash tun with false bottom. 25qt $120 2. 304 Stainless boil kettle with Thermometer and Ball valve installed. 29qt $80 http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/app/5362343126.html