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    Arduino Bluetooth eBIAB controller with Windows 10 App

    Hey Folks, I thought I'd share this with everyone as I think it would be useful to others out there that like to tinker. I had posted a long time ago about my eBIAB setup here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/windows-wpf-and-arduino-20-gallon-ebiab-build.644565/ I have gone a few...
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    Windows WPF and Arduino 20 gallon eBIAB build

    Hey folks, I've been lurking for a long time now and thought I'd share my build with you guys, since the last time I posted anything it was my meager attempt at created a wooden grain mill. I am open to critique, questions, suggestions, etc Now you'll say what's so special ... yet another...
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    boil kettle for a 2bbl system?

    Hi all, I wanted to get some input from people. If I were to build a 2bbl single tier eherms system, what pots/kettles/boil vessels would you recommend that will go easy on my wallet. I saw large industrial stockpots (300 to 400 L) that sell very cheap but I would have to buy 100 of them...
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    Budget Wooden Rolling Pin Grain Mill

    Hi All, So recently I came into possession of some whole unmilled specialty malt. However, the fact that I don't own a grain mill and crushing one pound of grain with a rolling pin is not that fun I started looking around to find a way to crush it mechanically and still save money. I wanted...
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    Heated Fermentation Chamber 120F?

    Hi all you DIY'ers I hope this is the right forum to ask. I recently completed my STC1000 controller and got a chest freezer. I am interested in hearing peoples opinions as to how they are heated. I love sour mashed berliner weisse and was wondering if it is possible to use off the shelf...
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    What does open fermentation do to the beer?

    hey guys, I've been trying to read up on open fermentation and get some more information on it. I read that it is quite beneficial for the yeast in wheat beers to do an open fermentaiton. I have a wit fermenting that I left the lid open on my bucket during primary fermentation and only had a...
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    To wait or not to wait ... racking to secondary

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum but I've gained a lot of knowledge from just reading the articles and forum posts. This forum has become my go to brewing resource :). So far I have brewed and bottled: - Octoberfest - Honey Wheat - 2x hefeweizen carbonated with krausen and...