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    Low Enzymatic/Cold Mash/Low alcohol beer

    For several reasons I have been interested in doing a non-alcoholic (or at least very low alcohol) beer. Most of what I've read has been very secret or required very expensive equipment. I have not seen much written about it here so I figured I’d start a thread, share my experience and see if...
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    Home grown peaches in sour beer

    I havef made a kettle sour that I after primary fermentation wants to add home grown peaches too. Does anyone have any input on: * How much to use? * Should I pasteurise them? If so, how? Regards Stefan
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    Rinse new barrel before use?

    Hi, I just ordered a new French oak barrel (small one, 4 gallon). I think I have read or heard that there will be too much oak flavour in a new and small barrel for longer time storage. My plan is to use it for a Flanders Red, probably blending it before it goes to bottle. I wonder if I should...
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    Low funk Brett strain

    I have brewed quite a few kettle sours that I really enjoy and like. However, I would like to dip my toe a little bit more into the funky world. I'm looking for a low funk Brett strain that is more to the fruity side than barnyard. I plan to use it as a secondary strain after fermentation with...
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    Add potassium to fermenter or keg?

    I have made my first hard cider from apple juice and s-04 yeast. It is getting close to finished and I am going to rack it to a serving keg shortly. I have a question though. I plan to add potassium sorbate, potassium metabisulfite, gelatin and cold crash. Should I: 1) Add the potassium...
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    Grainfater Extract Kettle Sour.

    (Not sure if this should be posted in the Grainfater, Sour or Extract forum. Feel free to move it if you think it fits somewhere else.) I made my first sour a few months back after about 4 years of brewing. The goal was to make a sour that was * Eeasy drinking * Somewhat low ABV * Not overly...
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    Brulosophy: Fresh vs Old LME

    Interesting experiment with fresh vs old LME. Nothing groundbreaking but more a confirmation of old "facts". http://brulosophy.com/2017/11/27/the-impact-of-age-on-liquid-malt-extract-exbeeriment-results/
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    Perlick 425 / VentMatic faucet thread size

    Hi, I wonder if anyone knows the thread size of the Perlick 425 or VentMatic faucet? I have heard that they are the same. I would like to buy one of these http://www.chicompany.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3306 but try to buy it locally instead of order from the US...
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    Add color to ESB

    Hi, I'm making an ESB and would like to add some color to it without changing the flavor too much. I have only two malts to chose from: Pale Chocolate Malt 500-550 EBC or Chocolate Malt 900-1000 EBC Would it be best to use the 900-1000 EBC malt to do this? Regards
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    Judge my water please

    Hi, I just got a water analysis from my tapwater. I wonder if anyone please could say something about it. Is there anything I should think about when I brew? PH: 7,5 Ca: 24 mg/l Mg: 9,5 mg/l Na: 27 mg/l SO4:28 mg/l Cloride: 25 mg/l HCO3: 150 mg/l Regards /Stefan
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    Whiskey barrel condition

    Hi I have had the privileged to acquire a newly taped whiskey barrel from a domestic distillery (about 7 gallons, Bourbon) that I thought to condition a HomeBrew in. The plan is an American IPA, a lot of american flavor/armoma hops and relatively high abv (7-8.5%). Ferment and then...
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    Partial mash and recipe

    Hello, I am a relatively new home brewer. I've done a couple of extract brews, a couple partial mash and a couple full grain brews. I find extract brews a bit boring but with my equipment, it is a little too struggling to make bigger full grain brews. So I have to compromise. Therefore, I...