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    Citra Curiosity/Fear

    I have an ounce of Citra that was given to me by a fellow brewer. "Try it, it is such a great hop", he says. Then I read this... https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/whoa-citra-154505/ https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/citra-ipa-170113/#post1967369...
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    30 Liter keg

    One of my coworkers finds this at a garage sale for $10 for me without my knowledge. So now I have to find a use for it. Has anyone ever used one of these to boil in? It's almost 8 gallons but really slender and I might have a difficult time getting my chiller in. Any suggestions? Uploaded...
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    Second opinion on my crush

    I purchased a Corona knock-off and I'm crushing my grains for the first time. I knew going in that an inconsistent crush is what I was in for. I've been tinkering with the plates for hours and I think I have it set to the best possible crush so far. Does this crush appear to be adequate? Thanks...
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    Considering a SMaSh but not so sure

    After trying Saranac's Pale Pale Ale this summer, I was intrigued and wanted to try and re-create it. It was tasty and didn't seem too difficult to brew. http://www.saranac.com/page/pale-pale-ale# Maris Otter and Centennial hops. I was shooting for 8 pounds MO .5 at 60 min .5 at 36 min .5...
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    Too late to add gelatin?

    I racked a blonde ale to a secondary glass carboy on Wednesday after a week in a primary. Is it too late to add gelatin? In case it matters... OG 1.040 gravity at racking time 1.004.
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    I can't full boil an all grain

    I'm planning on using BierMunchers Centennial Blonde recipe using DeathBrewer's tutorial. The problem I am going to have is that I only have two 5 gallon brewpots. I don't want to cut the water amount and decrease my efficiency but at the same time I don't want to not have room to add the mash...
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    Bestmalz: Light Wheat Malt

    I have a pound of this stuff in my basement from a hefeweizen recipe but I never ended up using it. I'm not sure if it's for color, flavor, fermentable sugars or what? I am planning to make a cherry wheat over the next couple weeks, once the local cherry season starts. I found the website but...
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    Wyeast activator question

    So, I purchased a Wyeast Activator packet for #3522 Belgian Ardennes and I remember reading somewhere that I could make a few of my own packets for future use. I'm not sure what this is even called so I apoligize in advance for not searching even though there is probably 50 topics on this...
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    Homemade wort chiller

    I've decided to make my own wort chiller based on this fellas instructioins... http://www.olderascal.com/brewing/wortchiller/index.html I went to Home Depot, purchased all of the equipment and began assembling the chiller. I noticed that ofter working with the copper, my hands were full of a...
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    Hefeweizen Questions

    I have recently brewed a hefe batch using Wyeast 3060. It was in the primary for 14 days and bottled conditioned for two weeks. I have read that, A) Hefeweizens are best drank young. But how young is young and what is too old? B) How much of the yeast sitting in the bottom of my bottle do I...
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    Oh No, Hefeweizen Floaters!

    So, I've steeped 8oz. of Red Wheat and 4oz. honey malt for 30 minutes to improve my hefe. When removing the sack, it opens, and now my wort is loaded with floaters. I tried to remove as much as I could with a strainer prior to adding the LME and DME but it is still filled with debris. I'm not...
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    Line length

    I recently purchased a corney system with some line to run from the regulator to the keg. I bought 10 feet but I know it should be cut to a shorter length. How long is the maximum/minimum?
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    Yeast substitute

    I purchased a Brewers Best English Brown Ale kit and I hoping to brew this weekend. The yeast that was included is a Coopers 7g. I turned the package and noticed that it expired in 09. I know we are only technically, a few weeks past but I'm not sure I want to risk a batch with dead yeast. I...
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    What are you drinking your cider out of?

    Just curious what everyone is using to enjoy their cider with? Pint, stein, weizen? Just curious.