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    Orangina Replica

    Here is a recipe I found, making it in a mason jar. I do not get credit for it, Jessica posted the article on http://www.deliciousobsessions.com. I am sure this would be easy to duplicate and force carbonated. Looks like a lot of salt though. She is fermenting a lot of food in her articles...
  2. Z

    Rootbeer w/out yeast?

    You could drop in some dry ice and cap it. It's hard to judge the amount to the carbonation level though.
  3. Z

    Soda siphon without disposable cartridges

    Not sure if this link will post, I am still just a junior member. http://www.amazon.com/review/R35XKX16LHTYB4/181-6321986-0935566?ie=UTF8&videoPreplay=1
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    Soda siphon without disposable cartridges

    Does your soda siphon have an open cartridge holder, or a closed one? I have seen some antique that are metal and open on the side. That could be an easy tap on the side of a cartridge. I saw a video review done by Kyle S. "Kyle S." (CA) on amazon for a soda siphon. He used a simple swing...
  5. Z

    Soda siphon without disposable cartridges

    Which size does the soda siphon use?
  6. Z

    Soda siphon without disposable cartridges

    Could you just take a piece of solid, not rolled tube, tap the top and bottom and put fittings on it to pair up? the elbow at the bottom would need to match the pressure plate that holds in the cartridge. The top would need to match the seal and clear the piercing end. Or you could cut the...
  7. Z

    Soda siphon without disposable cartridges

    Magic, One item to take into consideration. The 900 PSI cartridge for the paintball or airsoft guns has no regulator. I would bet the exact same cartridge you use on the soda siphon has the same issue. I would guess the regulator, or restricter, is on the soda siphon itself, not the cartridge...
  8. Z

    Soda siphon without disposable cartridges

    Something that is already out there, is IZH Drozd Bulk-Fill Adapter. I just googled co2 airsoft adapter and looked for the cartridge with a hose on it. They make them for paintball as well.
  9. Z

    question about my root beer extract and what to add

    I like their flavour. You can try to make a full 5 gallon batch and pull off a cup at a time and add flavours until you get what you like. Then just math it out for the 5 gallons. Add it back in.
  10. Z

    Soda siphon without disposable cartridges

    Have you thought about using a used cartridge, tapping it and connecting a line? You may have to "customize" the Sodastream for the hose, but it should not be to much.
  11. Z

    Coffee percolator lautering

    Here are my findings. It is to small to do large batches. It will hold the water, but not the grains. if i extend the grain basket walls up or maybe if I split up the grains and did one as a time? Once it hits the temp, it stops and maintains only. You have to cool it way down or replace the...
  12. Z

    Coffee percolator lautering

    I found a 5 gallon coffee percolator coffee pot. I was hoping it would work for lautering. It should percolate from a low temp and gradually come up as it goes. The only thing would be to watch the hi temp to make sure it does not go above a certain temp. Any comments on if it will work, if it...
  13. Z

    Cream Soda Recipe with vanilla extract

    I heard that it takes about 24 hours in the fridge to get the CO2 to lock into the liquid. They have also suggested rolling it a bit, to agitate, to give it more surface area i guess, when you force carbonate with a special cap and CO2.
  14. Z

    Coffee Percolater

    I have an old 4 gallon, aluminum, percolater. Could it be used to make an all-grain beer? I have only seen one article with the concern or the temps being too high. The basket seems to be large enough for almost 3 quarts of grain.:confused:
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    Cream Soda Recipe with vanilla extract

    just a tid bit. the creme part came from the smooth mouth feel you get from lactose, a milk sugar. i think if you looked up a milk stout, used the sugar ratios, you would get a better flavour. i tried a dozen single batches of rootbeer. using all kinds of sugars. the best that i found was a mix...
  16. Z

    Best source for root beer extracts

    I have used Zaterans as well. the history of the company started with it. nice read. i picked up a case since they were so cheap. kids ask about them all the time now.
  17. Z

    I've got this taste on my tongue

    wow, i cant believe my first post could be more helpful then questioning! i was looking for a place to ask this question, but wanted to see if someone else asked it first. your post looked about right to me, so i read on. what you describe sounds a lot like what i want to make. here is a...