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  1. Rob2010SS

    Kegco 2 Tap Kegerator, anyone have any experience about to buy this setup...

    I don't have that exact one, but I do have an Insignia two tap kegerator. One of my biggest complaints is not being able to have 2 kegs at different pressures, which you're addressing. I'm also not a big fan of the temp control on mine. It's just a knob on the back with no actual display of...
  2. Rob2010SS

    How to (Successfully) Brew with Maple Syrup - My story of trial and error

    Ahh I missed that you were talking about just the one. I interpreted you as taking about both.
  3. Rob2010SS

    How to (Successfully) Brew with Maple Syrup - My story of trial and error

    Because if you want to bottle from the keg, you wouldn't be able to do so if you didn't do this. I've done this as well when using maple syrup in the keg. However, I added the meta/sorbate to the keg instead of the fermenter. I like the method that @secretlevel posted here.
  4. Rob2010SS

    Marzen - First attempt

    I definitely prefer Sam adams version so far over all the other 6 examples I've tried thus far, including Paulaner. But I don't think it's late hopped. Just sweeter.
  5. Rob2010SS

    What am I doing wrong?

    Perhaps your whirlpool could have been bigger. You went roughly .66oz/gal in your whirlpool. My last one I went roughly 1.2oz/gal and I thought the flavor was great. @day_trippr might be on to something with the yeast/hop bite though...
  6. Rob2010SS

    What am I doing wrong?

    I think you're confusing Citra with Simcoe, right? Simcoe is the one that people always say smells like cat piss. I've never heard anyone say Citra smells like cat piss. It's a pretty commonly used hop.
  7. Rob2010SS

    Diacetyl in commercial beer

    Really, in Germany? I've never been but would love to go someday, strictly for the beer. I would think that of all places, that would be the last place you'd find diacetyl. Not because it doesn't occur over there but you'd think they'd be super careful to get rid of it.
  8. Rob2010SS

    0.5L Beer Stein

    Disregard. Found some at www.germansteins.com Thanks.
  9. Rob2010SS

    0.5L Beer Stein

    Anyone bought any half liter, glass, beer steins that they really like? I've been trying to find a couple but haven't had much luck with finding one that I like enough to buy. I don't plan on having it customized so I don't necessarily need the space on the front for customization.
  10. Rob2010SS

    Glycol chiller help

    Purchased the Icemaster Max 4 a little while back. I'm on my 4th half bbl batch with it. It has worked like a charm up until this point. I checked on it at my lunch break just to make sure everything was going ok and found that everything WASN'T going ok. Going to try to make this as short...
  11. Rob2010SS

    Anyone actually take the time to do a diacetyl test?

    Well, it passed the second diacetyl test. This time, the sample just smelled like malt. Not like butterscotch or butter at all. Thanks for the help guys/gals.
  12. Rob2010SS

    Marzen - First attempt

    I can't really give a lot of insight into this as my first one is in the tank currently. However, my recipe ended up being... The midnight wheat was only to get it to the color I wanted. I would agree with others. You don't need both munich's. Maybe narrow it to one of those? I also...
  13. Rob2010SS

    Beer Education - A Blog Series

    Thank you for posting this! I glanced at your blog and for sure want to go through and check it out. I have bookmarked it. Will this be up indefinitely or is it only up for a certain amount of time?
  14. Rob2010SS

    Rule of Thumb for adding Sucrose

    The Brewers Friend calculator will work for that. Plug in a few details about your batch, add in the ingredients, then you can select your sugar and add different amounts to see what happens to the ABV. The only thing about this calculator is it approximates your yeast attenuation so it's not...
  15. Rob2010SS

    Rule of Thumb for adding Sucrose

    I usually add it in the last 15 min of the boil. You could add it in the boil whenever you want I think. I don't think there would be any repercussions for adding it too early. As far as rule of thumb for how much, it depends on what your goal is. How much do you want to elevate the ABV and...
  16. Rob2010SS

    Bottling beer.

    Yeah, we eliminated bottling after our second batch haha. I hate bottling with a passion.
  17. Rob2010SS

    Adding Zest

    It sounds like you already added it to the beer....? The method that @Dgallo mentioned is the ideal way to do it. You'd be able to narrow in your desired flavor profile pretty easily. However, if you already added it, not sure what you can do at this point other than wait and see how it...
  18. Rob2010SS

    Adding Old brew to new

    I agree with @VikeMan . Once the beer is packaged and carbonated, there's no way you can fix that without making it worse. When breweries do this on a larger scale, they're blending beers that have been aging and have not been packaged yet. I'd chalk this up to a learning experience and let...
  19. Rob2010SS

    Bottling beer.

    The only way to avoid that yeast and sediment on the bottom is carbonate in a keg or in a fermenter capable of holding pressure and bottle from there. If you bottle beer and "naturally" carbonate as you have been doing, you will always have that sediment on the bottom.
  20. Rob2010SS

    First NEIPA. Feedback?

    OP made a comment about how it's a bit on the dryer side. Wouldn't he want to increase the FG if he wanted to change that?