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  1. Schlenkerla

    Sluggish Fermentation Start - Using Trifecta.

    Have anybody using metabisulfates, asorbic acid, Brewtan-B have seen slow fermentation starts? I have been using dry yeasts with the proper cell count, and oxygenated wort, and just started checking sulfites with test strips. I think I over sulfited and under oxygenated. Just curious if any...
  2. Schlenkerla

    LOB Alternative To Dry Hopping: Making A Hop Tea or DIY Hop Extract.

    I have thought about this for awhile. -Today I posted this in few places but I think this this is worth a separate thread. - Anyhow, I recall reading an article in BYO about using a French Coffee Press for adding hop flavor. I can't find the old BYO article... Here's other sources...
  3. Schlenkerla

    Tap Room v 3.0

  4. Schlenkerla

    Weissbier Schneider & Sohn Original German Hefe Weizen Ale

    Hans-Peter Drexler's Recipe for Authentic Weissbier - Masterbrewer for Scheider & Sohn. Lifted from Secrets of Master Brewers. By Jeff Alworth The Book - Google Search Grain Bill 5.33 lbs of German or French Wheat Malt 3.5 lbs of German Pilsner Malt Step Mash Mash in at: 95F for 10...
  5. Schlenkerla

    Looking For A Boiled Peanuts Recipe.

    I've been buying peanuts at Wal-Mart that are Hatch Chili Flavored. Walmart has now stopped selling that brand. They now sell plain ole roasted, roasted and salted, and raw peanuts. Any of you southern folk on HBT have a good boiled peanuts recipe? Every time I travel through Mississippi and...
  6. Schlenkerla

    Magilla Gorilla Takes A Banana Holiday

    Ok - I awhile back I decided on Memorial day to make my Banana Beer. This year its a stout. The last banana beer was a Dubbel Fat Tire Clone. This year its gonna be a chocolate & banana sweet milkshake stout. Its a sweet stout by style but between the cocoa, banana, the malt selection and...
  7. Schlenkerla

    Cacao-Bana Stout

    I'm gonna make another banana beer this spring. This time its gonna be a chocolate banana stout. Pale Malt - 72.73% Biscuit Malt - 18.18% Black Malt - 4.55% Roast Barley - 4.55% Golding - 1oz first wort Golding - 1oz at 20 minutes 8 lbs of ripe banana at 5 minutes (meat and peel) Pitch S-33...
  8. Schlenkerla

    Thinking About Getting A Coffee Urn To Use As A Hot Liquor Tank

    I keep thinking on and off about buying a commercial grade coffee urn as a Hot Liquor Tank (HLT). I typically brew week days and its usually right after work. I'm thinking of how I could get my water hot and ready to go right as I get home. I usually do this; weight out and crack the grain...
  9. Schlenkerla

    Co2 Problems - Beer NOT Carbonating

    I think have a bad bottle of gas. Just curious if anybody has run across this before. I have had a steel 5lb bottle of co2 for about 4-5 months. If always wondered if it's messed up. I carbonated two pale ales that seemed to have a weird taste like a faint vegetable taste, however nobody but...
  10. Schlenkerla

    Glogg - A Swedish Christmas Beverage.

    This is a recipe that came from my father-in-laws old Marine Corps buddy. I have never made this, but drank it several times and its good to drink when you're beer'd out but not done drinking. Its smooth and has a great holiday spice. 1 package of 9 Oz on Glogg Spice mix. "Grandpa Lundquist"...
  11. Schlenkerla

    Gonna Smoke Some Nuts Tomorrow...

    Ah Hickory Smoked Almonds... https://www.theblackpeppercorn.com/2017/05/smoked-almonds/ Gonna use butter and Goya Adobo Seasoning. Maybe a dusting of chili powder.... yeah i think a little chili powder would a be nice touch. Then cold smoke it with apple pellets!!!! Goya Adobo Ingredients...
  12. Schlenkerla

    Anybody Ever Make Chipotles In Adobo?

    I was thinking.... hmm... what can I do with my smoker besides meat, cheese and pale malt. I use chipotles in adobo frequently for grilled meats either as a marinade or a grilling glaze. Then in beans, bean dip and chili. Have any of you done this? The link for the adobo recipe looks good...
  13. Schlenkerla

    Roast 'em, Toast 'em, Smoke 'em If you Got 'em

    Its fall and I love smoking food. Meats, Cheeses, Eggs hell you name it, it would be good smoked. I recently traded up my Schlenkerla Twitter account for Schlenkerla Beer and Swag from the Brewery. I've been sipping Schlenkerla for the last two months. If you don't know the beer its a rauch...
  14. Schlenkerla

    Brewery Wants My Twitter Handle

    The Schlenkerla now wants my Twitter handle. Before it was the Export Manager for Weihenstephan asking for it... What to do.... Hmm?
  15. Schlenkerla

    Telobeers: A Quantity Test! - What's Your Number?

    Telobeers Telobeers Size Can Change Your Evening Enjoyment. Inside all your fridges, at the back of the shelf are bottles/cans with protective caps called telobeers. They disappear as the night ages. But can also change with variations in your drinking habits, both good and bad. Monitor The...
  16. Schlenkerla

    Made Simple Invert Sugars. - Jeff Alworth's Method.

    I have a new Nitro Tap on my keezer and a presently unused Rocket Hand Pump so I'm on this English beer kick as of lately. Been Brewing English Beers and I've been reading " Secrets of Master Brewers" by Jeff Alworth namely the British Ale Traditions chapter. In this chapter he describes...
  17. Schlenkerla

    First Nitro Beer On My Keezer

    I just tapped my Ruddles Best Bitter tonight!!! :rockin: This is my first Nitrogen Beer on my keezer. Frickin' Rocks! (Pictures to Follow) Ruddles Best Bitter Recipe. The commercial version is now extinct...
  18. Schlenkerla

    Stupid Joke Thread!

    How do you say brassiere or bra in German? Stoppen-frum-floppen! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hETBpWRy3rc
  19. Schlenkerla

    Just Fired Up My Lacto-Factory - 7.5lbs Sauerkraut - In A 3 gallon Crock!

    I made red sauerkraut last year only to ruin it by topping off a 1 gallon jar with an improper concentration of saline due to run-off. So, I decide to get a real sauerkraut crock from Ohio Stoneware As you read this, you will see I made a point of repeatedly calling attention to the amount...
  20. Schlenkerla

    What's Your Favorite Nitrogen Recipe?

    I'm about ready to hook up my nitrogen. Just got the last thing I needed. The gas bottle of 70-30. I have a big blonde on tap and soon to be adding a session IPA made with Falconers Flight. Hopped with 3 ounces, 10, 5 and 0. I plan to make my first Nitro a English bitter with 6.75 lbs of...