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  1. Andy Bullock

    Peanut butter powder in stout

    Have any of you guys that have made a peanut butter stout had issues with it all just sitting at the bottom? Worried that the flavor isn’t going to be there if I don’t stir it up or something.. ideas?
  2. Andy Bullock

    Honest opinions on this "recipe"

    This will be my first try at putting something together that I THINK will be tasty. This is supposed to be a "juicy/fruity" ale with fairly low bitterness (NEIPA even though that isn't an IPA). I've basically taken some things from different ale and NEIPA recipes that I think fit my likes...
  3. Andy Bullock

    Partial grain partial extract brew

    I was hoping to do a little bit of my own flavoring by using some grain in a BIAB, but then adding a DME or LME to get me a higher OG than what I can get using grains without a mash tun. 5 gallon kettle so not near big enough for a full boil. A couple of questions: 1. Is there anything I...
  4. Andy Bullock

    Question on finishing up fermentation

    Hey guys. Working on my first brew and have a couple of questions on finishing up my fermentation. Right now it's wrapping up, been in 6 days at 62F and bubbler is slowing down. I'll be taking a gravity reading tonight or tomorrow, then again on Sunday or Monday. My questions are: 1. Should...
  5. Andy Bullock

    New brewer with a few questions

    Hi all! Brand new to brewing and to the site. I've read a lot about brewing over the last few weeks so I know just enough to be dangerous and probably too risky at this point. I've got a couple of questions that I know some of you can help me with or point me in the right direction. I've got...