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  1. CadiBrewer

    Dual use of 30 AMP outlet

    I have a dedicated 30 AMP circuit in my garage for my brewery. I installed a dryer outlet to power my control panel. The wife has asked me to put an air conditioner in the garage so that she can put her treadmill out there. I want to install a 220V split unit air conditioner and I want to use...
  2. CadiBrewer

    What was my pH?

    I brewed an Ordinary Bitter. I was shooting for 5.4 for the pH. My tested readings over the course of the 60 minute mash were: 5min - 5.43 15min - 5.41 30min - 5.37 45min - 5.36 60min - 5.28 All of that was within specs and I'm happy that I came that close to my expected pH, but when...
  3. CadiBrewer

    My Kal Clone Garage Brewery - thoughts four months in

    I built a Kal Clone in my garage with a couple of minor changes to replace my old three tier propane rig. I thought I'd start a new thread to document my experience after brewing with it a few times and the minor changes I made from Kal's design. First off, Kal's site is amazing and has...
  4. CadiBrewer

    two yeasts - one stalled, one not

    I brewed a sessionable saison with an OG of 1.041. I brewed 10 gallons. I didn't have time to make a starter and wanted to get the brew going before I went on vacation. In 5 gallons, I pitched a fresh vial of Wyeast French Saison and another fresh vial of Belgian Saison in the other 5...
  5. CadiBrewer

    First saison questions - boil and aging times

    I'm brewing my first saison this weekend and I have a couple of questions. The recipe I'm using calls for 56% Belgian pilsner malt. Should I boil for 90 minutes to avoid DMS with the Belgian pils? Second question, this will be a fairly low gravity version of the style, with an OG of 1.041...
  6. CadiBrewer

    California Pasadena - complete 3-tier keggle brew tower

    Moving to electric and selling my 3-tier brewery. Pictures to follow tomorrow when I brew on it for the last time. 3 burner propane setup, including two tanks Setup in a "tree" formation for a small footprint and easy storage Completely gravity fed, though I use a pump to whirlpool the BK for...
  7. CadiBrewer

    40 amp garage sub-panel

    I have a sub-panel in my garage fed from a 40 amp breaker in my main 200 amp house panel. The sub-panel is wired with 8 gauge wires. I have built a 30 amp control panel based off of Kal's design. I've installed a 30 amp gfci breaker in my sub-panel. The other circuits in the panel are one 15...
  8. CadiBrewer

    Solo in Chicago for one night - where to go?

    So I find myself solo tonight in Chicago. I'm here for 5 days with others, but on my first night tonight, I'm alone. It's my first time visiting Chicago. Where would you guys (and gals) go for dinner and a beer? I'm staying near Kinzie St. and LaSalle St.
  9. CadiBrewer

    Milwaukee bar suggestion before Brewers game

    I'm heading to Milwaukee next weekend as a solo side trip from Chicago to check out a Brewers game. I want to hang out at a local bar before the game and then shuttle to the game from there. Anyone have a suggestion as to which bar would give me the best Milwaukee experience?
  10. CadiBrewer

    Northern Brewer Petite Saison d'Ete recipe (Summer Saison)

    Has anyone brewed the Northern Brewer summer saison recipe? I'm looking for a simple, lower gravity saison for a lawnmower beer. The NB recipe looks to fit that bill with just Pilsner, Vienna and torrified wheat as the malt bill, and EKG, Styrian and Saaz as the hops. If not, any have a tried...
  11. CadiBrewer

    Kal Clone - What spare/backup parts should I have on hand?

    I'm building a Kal clone, slowly ordering the parts as my brewing budget allows. I am new to electric brewing and have been being on my propane setup for about 10 years. As I was assembling the control panel the other day, it dawned on me that if I have a part failure during a brew session in...
  12. CadiBrewer

    @Hello, is this you?

    @Hello, I somehow pictured you looking less like a man. What gives?
  13. CadiBrewer

    Using lime to increase alkalinity - when is enough too much?

    My last batch was a porter with a really acidic grist. 10 gallon batch, grist was: Maris Otter - 13 lbs 1 oz Brown malt - 2 lbs 12 oz Crystal 75 - 1 lbs 13.5 oz Chocolate malt - 1 lb 6 oz In order to get the pH in the right range, I added 8 grams of lime to my 6.7 gallons of mash water...
  14. CadiBrewer

    Bru'n Water predicted 5.41, I ended up at 5.13. What did I do???

    I brewed a mild ale yesterday and had a totally unexpected result on my pH. The grain bill was: 8 lb 9 oz Maris Otter 2 lb 10.3 oz Crystal 60 10.6 oz Chocolate malt 10 gallon batch size with expected OG of 1.037. Mashed at 1.4 qts. per lb. In DI water, Bru'n water predicted a pH of...
  15. CadiBrewer

    Building Ordinary Bitter Water from RO

    I'm brewing an ordinary bitter and am building my water from RO. I used the Pale Ale profile from Bru'n Water as I found a post from Martin that indicated he used that profile for all his pale ales and it works great. Here's what I come up with in Bru'n Water. I'm new at this and don't trust...
  16. CadiBrewer

    Quick pump question

    I purchased a Chugger pump. I'm going to install it in a toolbox with a switch. However, I may not have time to install it before I brew on Friday. Can I just set the pump on the ground and plug and unplug it for one brew, or does the pump have too much torque and it will flip around on the ground?
  17. CadiBrewer

    Thinner mash to avoid extracting tannins?

    Please help me get my head around something. I regularly brew a small beer. I'm always surprised at how quickly my sparge runnings (fly sparge) drop below 1.010. I usually hit my numbers spot on after topping up in the kettle pre boil with about 2.5 gallons. But I hate babysitting the sparge...
  18. CadiBrewer

    Thanks AJ and Martin!

    About six months ago, I decided to start getting better at adjusting my water. I started by using RO and the primer and my beer got better. Then I bought the Hach pH meter and tried to learn that. The learning curve was longer than I anticipated, but I did the stability test, tested things...
  19. CadiBrewer

    California Free to good home - various stuff

    I cleaned out my brewery cabinet and found some stuff that I don't use anymore. If you'll use any of it, just pay shipping and it's yours. I could probably sell some of it, but since this forum has given me so much, I figure I need to do something in return. PM if you want anything. 10 inch...
  20. CadiBrewer

    Volume and efficiency question

    My efficiency has been a steady 80% for the past 6 batches. My old procedure was to fly sparge until I hit my target pre-boil volume. I recently purchased a refractometer, so I checked my runoff gravity at various times when I brewed yesterday. My target pre-boil volume was 12.4 gallons...