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  1. osagedr

    Buying new fermenters

    I have won a couple of plastic conicals over the years...they are still in the boxes. 5g batches are fermented in 6g glass carboys. 10-12g batches are fermented in 15.5g Sankes. 1-BBL+ batches are fermented in 60g plastic barrels.
  2. osagedr

    Should I still rack to secondary?

    Package it - no benefit to waiting any longer.
  3. osagedr

    WLP 830 German Lager stuck at 1.204

    I think you have some process things to address to help ensure future fermentations go more smoothly. Good luck!
  4. osagedr

    Amercan Ale, is this gravity right?

    Quite dry (low finishing gravity). My questions would be: (1) is your hydrometer calibrated? It should read 1.000 in distilled water at whatever the calibration temperature is (it will say on the hydrometer). (2) what yeast strain did you use? And what was your pitching rate? These things...
  5. osagedr

    I Just Don't Get It..

    Looks perfect to me. No point risking a stuck fermentation. Takes most brewers awhile to learn to trust their lager yeast if they're used to ale fermentations. Rare to hear anyone complaining about a lager yeast going too fast... ...as an aside a lot of people HATE S-23 but I've always...
  6. osagedr

    Saflager W-34/70 Required Headspace

    Blowoff tube is cheap anti-mess insurance. Fermenting 5g in a 5g carboy with no tube is asking for trouble, even with a lager. I am also glad to see you treating this properly with a cool pitch. I would have recommended well over 1.5 million cells per ml per degree Plato though. Good luck!
  7. osagedr

    Most Renowned Beer Competition

    The NHC is definitely king. First-round judging is just complete, so you can either send your beer somewhere else or wait until next year. Personally, IMO there are very few (if any) comps that aren't worth entering because they are "...local or smaller competitions." Win some gold medals and a...
  8. osagedr

    Is one pkg of S-23 enough?

    Some people just hate it. Denny Conn hates it. Interestingly, Denny's liquid strain is now my go-to for ales...
  9. osagedr

    Is one pkg of S-23 enough?

    This. Always follow the product sheet instructions re: pitching rate and rehydration. Conventional wisdom is that there are about 20 billion cells per gram of rehyrated dry yeast so you get something like 230 billion cells out of an 11.5 gram packet. Two packets should thus be sufficient for...
  10. osagedr

    R/O and fermentation

    I use RO almost exclusively. But you need to take care of your mineral additions. The EZ Water spreadsheet is pretty good! http://www.ezwatercalculator.com/
  11. osagedr

    Slowly crashing a lager

    Crash it.
  12. osagedr

    cellaring a lager before lagering

    It's fine.
  13. osagedr

    First lager and yeast starter question.

    Propagate your yeast at room temperature. Pitch at high krausen or allow the starter to ferment then crash chill, decant and pitch. Pitching temp can be at or anywhere under the temp of the wort.
  14. osagedr

    Monster 2-Pro Mill coupon?

    Bought the three-roller version of this with hardened steel rollers, base and hopper about 16 months ago. Very happy with it!
  15. osagedr

    Homebrew supplies shipped to Newfoundland

    Another vote for OBK and beergrains.com
  16. osagedr

    Using Liquid AND Dry Yeasts

    Yes. Take care of your dry yeast and it will perform the same as liquid. You are also looking at a very small starter with an OG only 1.045; no need to decant so maybe that changes your decision. Hell, you could make it the morning of brewday and pitch it at high krausen that evening!
  17. osagedr

    Quick Lager Method *UPDATED*

    Decent article; will be helpful to many.
  18. osagedr

    Doppelbock Evil Goat of Ainpoekish (5C Doppelbock)

    Brewing my fourth attempt at this tomorrow. Using a massive pitch of 2308 this time; prolly two decoctions.
  19. osagedr

    Overheated Lager Stopped Bubbling

    You oxygenated after it started fermenting?
  20. osagedr

    Lagering in conical, yes or no?

    Yes, drop the yeast then lager it in your conical if you are in no rush to have the vessel free. If you are able to easily get it off the yeast, do it.