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    Boulder Homebrew Competition

    Hey Everyone, I am the competition coordinator for the Reggale and DredHop homebrew competition up in Boulder. I just wanted to let you all know that we are open for registration and that the drop off window starts next Saturday. We still need both stewards and judges so if you are...
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    Brew your own subscription

    Count me in. Send me the info please and thanks.
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    Not my posting

    Brewthruyou what group buys are you doing to get . 50/ lb? The cheapest I have ever seen is .75-.80 / lb. I would love to get your prices.
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    Official Denver CMC Group Buy #6

    I'm interested if we can get the Belgian pale and pilsener again.
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    Better Bottle Fermenters - 6 Gallon

    $29 is the cheapest I can find for a ported 6 gal BB.
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    Better Bottle Fermenters - 6 Gallon

    http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/better-bottle-ported-6-gallon.html New 6 gal is $29 New flo valve is $15 New racking adapter is $30 None of your pics show any of these.
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    Better Bottle Fermenters - 6 Gallon

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal then.
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    Better Bottle Fermenters - 6 Gallon

    You can get a brand new ported 6 gal better bottle from amazon for 39.99.
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    Official Denver CMC Group Buy #6

    I am just curious but is CMC 2 row that much better than rahr 2 row. I get rahr for .75/lb so the CMC prices don't really make it worth it anymore. Don't get me wrong I know rahr is not the best but is CMC worth 1.00/lb? Or more if this group buy doesn't get more interest.
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    Official Denver CMC Group Buy #6

    Yeah I would be in for at least 100lbs.
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    Denver - Base grain for sale

    Any idea on pricing?
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    Denver - Base grain for sale

    Yeah how much you asking? I sent you a pm.
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    Don't forget the secret ingredient when pitching yeast starters

    Yeah I just did this a second time after reminding myself not to do it again. Doh!
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    Surprised inefficiency

    It kind of looks like you just answered your own question. If you look at the beersmith tab you will see a calibration temperature. You put in the temp that you measure at and it will adjust the reading accordingly.
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    Pacman Yeast Treasure!

    I don't see it on Wyeast's website anymore but you can still get it at Brewmaster's Warehouse. Here is the link. http://www.brewmasterswarehouse.com/product/0101892/wyeast-labs-pacman-1764
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    Where to place a Blichmann BrewMometer on a pot

    I just bought a 9 gal pot and the upper hole was about 7" from the bottom and that only works if there is more than 4 gallons of water in it. Since I use this as my HLT that is not convenient. I also did an experiment yesterday where I put a floating thermometer in the pot with 5 gallons of...
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    Protein Rest Question

    I agree with you Patrick. I think that it is possible that some modification is taking place here that could lead to more conversion later but I feel that the main reason to do this step anyway is to affect mouthfeel by getting more proteins into the mash. I don't think that I would go to the...
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    Beersmith Hop Utilization factor question

    That makes sense. I figured they meant two different things. Thanks for your help.
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    what happened to my beersmith??

    I went to the beersmith folder in my programs directory and tried loading some of the files and was able to find some of the missing recipes but like you experienced a lot of my notes were not there.
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    Beersmith Hop Utilization factor question

    So beersmith says to use 100% for hop utilization factor for all batches less than 20 gallons but Palmer says that "the utilization for alpha acids in homebrewing is generally accepted as topping out at about 30%". Any ideas on which one is right? Am I looking at two different things? Any...