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Beer and Wine Hobby

Beer & Wine Hobby is one of the oldest hobby suppliers in the USA. Our family-owned business provides the world’s finest ingredients and equipment to make wine, craft beer, cheese, cordials and soft drinks. Our goal is to make shopping a very personal experience for you and provide expert advice every day, as we have since 1972.

155 T New Boston St
Woburn, MA 01801

NorCal Brewing Solutions

Redding, California’s only homebrew beer, wine, soda, and spirits supplies and equipment store.

1768 Churn Creek Rd
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 243-BEER (2337) (530) 221-WINE (9463)

Ss Brewing Technologies

Ss Brewing Technologies is committed to delivering innovative yet affordable brewer’s grade stainless steel products to both home and professional brewers. The benefits of stainless steel over commonly used plastics in brewing are numerous and well documented. Our launch product, The Brew Bucket, epitomizes our philosophy perfectly: it has innovative and patent pending design features, it is built with high quality brewer’s grade stainless steel materials, and it is being sold a price point that is compelling for home brewers as an alternative to either a cheap plastic bucket on one end or an uber-expensive conical on the other.

2372 Morse Ave, Ste 310
Irvine, CA 92614

Brew Hardware LLC has built a reputation for offering the best retrofit sight glass kits available to the homebrew market with a consistent high level of customer support. Sight Glasses, Thermometers, Refractometers, Scales, Timers, Valves, Bulkheads, Diptubes, Heat Shields, Silicone Tubing, Camlocks and an assortment of clever gadgets. We challenge you to find an unhappy customer of ours.

Whitehouse Station, NJ 8889
[email protected]

Buckeye Hydro

Water filtration, softening, reverse osmosis and UV treatment for breweries and distilleries. Buckeye Hydro offers custom design, water testing, sales, and service for commercial ventures and home brewers alike. Good water makes good beer – what can we do for your water? Visit us at today!

8190 Beechmont Ave. Ste A-262
Cincinnati, OH 45255

Spike Brewing

Spike Brewing specializes in producing high quality stainless steel home brewing kettles that have had couplers sanitary TIG welded in for use with valves, thermometers, etc.

Milwaukee, WI 53212


Maker of custom bottle caps and labels for homebrewers. Low prices, low minimums, and no design limits. Upload your logo online today, and bottle your batch in style.

9018 Ruland Road, Unit E
Houston, TX

Brewers Hardware

Tri Clover compatible fittings, Sanke Keg Fermenter Conversions and other unique hardware for the home and commercial craft brewer.

5692 Buckingham Dr
Huntington Beach, Ca 92649

Brewer’s Friend

Brewer’s Friend is a collection of tools specific to the home brewer. Calculators, Recipes, Water Profiles, and more!

Inkbird Tech. C.L.

INKBIRD is a home automation brand and we specialize in temperature control system products.ITC-308 is specially designed for home brewing by us. This product has Plug and Play design with dual relay, be able to connect with refrigeration and heating equipment easily to realize ideal temperature control. Its equipped with dual LED display, and offers display options of Centigrade and Fahrenheit, enabling more humanized temperature control. With large output power 1,000W, its suitable for most applications.

+86 755 25721303

Silicon Prairie Online

Now YOU Can Raise Startup Funding or Expansion Capital Legally Online!


Heard of Kickstarter?  Investment Crowdfunding is just like a rewards based crowdfunding portal like Kickstarter but instead of selling things like tee shirts or “free beer” you’re able to sell an amazing investment opportunity to your family, friends, and fans!

With Investment Crowdfunding you can raise money by getting an exemption from federal securities laws that means you can go online and ADVERTISE that you’re looking for investors in your business.   Worried about CONTROL?  YOU get to set the terms!  Borrow money from your crowd and instead of paying a bank (often with a personal guarantee) you’re paying your family, friends and fans a good interest rate.   Want partners?  Make your offering all about the EQUITY.  You can even sell a “revenue share” offering if you want.   The options are endless — it comes down to whether your investors are into it.