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    Perlick 525SS rebuild kits

    Hey everyone, After 3ish years, one of my 525ss faucets started to leak out of the spout. I'm pretty sure it's either the "o" ring seat (part #3) or the handle lever (#5) shown here: https://www.perlick.com/store/webcatalog2.php?catno=1&sectno=1&grpno=3 Reading reviews (especially on...
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    Conan Yeast Experiences

    Is the consensus still to ferment at 60-63? I've got a starter going now of the oly-052. Omegas website says 65-72F...
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    CO2 Tank refill SE WI / NE IL

    Growmasters in Gurnee, IL fills my 10lb. Check with them.
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    Wheat IPA Hops Recommendation

    Amarillo.. Ever have Three Floyds Gumball Head? It's more of a pale ale, but amarillo and wheat just taste great together.
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    Dealing with all that hop trub

    Sorry to hear that. Do you allow time for it to settle?
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    Dealing with all that hop trub

    After years of dealing with a clogged "hopstopper" I just switched to whirlpooling. First batch and it worked great. Others who have been doing it for longer seem to have good results.
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    whirlpooling on an electric setup

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've decided to make a "temporary" setup for now, with a stainless steel racking cane (that's been modified) that hangs on the side of the kettle. This way I can adjust it up or down. I do make 5 and 10 gal batches so I need to see what will work best and still...
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    whirlpooling on an electric setup

    Hey guys, I want to set up my BK for whirlpooling. For those of you who brew with electric, do you put your return port above or below the heating element? My element sits about 4 or 4.5inches off the bottom of the kettle. (If it matters, I have a blichmann 20gal g1 kettle). Thanks for...
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    Lost power while brewing

    Yeah, I realize my location says "chicago" but I'm actually in libertyville. Wort seemed to taste fine going into the fermenter, so I don't think the loss of power messed anything up. As far as the mashout not doing anything... yeah, I figured as much. I fly sparge though so I figured I'd...
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    First time fermenting in plastic bucket

    Hey guys, Due to all the glass accidents I've seen and heard of, I've decided to abandon the glass carboys and switch to the food grade plastic buckets. Anything special I should do with them before my first use? I've cleaned them with oxyclean (30 min soak) and just want to be sure I'll...
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    Lost power while brewing

    Don? no, I'm not don :) Thanks for the reassurance guys. Power just came back so I was only down for around an hour (they originally told me it could take all day.) So I'm not that concerned anymore. Mash temp dropped from 150 to 127, and I'm just going straight to mashout now. 4 years...
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    Lost power while brewing

    Hey all, Com Ed sucks. Just lost power in our neighborhood while brewing a batch. I have an all electric system. I'm about 50 min into the mash, how long can the wort sit there with the grains before the beer will be ruined?
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    Permanent Funeral Clone

    I've had it a few times, and also feel that its kind of an imperial version of Zombie Dust. I taste more then just citra, but not sure what it is.
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    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    Has anyone done a side by side comparison of using the filter versus free floating hops? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed in the past 124 pages and I missed it... I'd like to try one of these, just want to make sure I get the same hop flavor (or hoppier flavor!)
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    quick question on yeast re-using

    Great, thanks for the confirmation.