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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    i did this recipe and after aging for 6 months it tasted outstanding. over here in ireland its elderflower season now and i was wondering if i could add elderflower to the initial fermentation along with the original recipe? has anyone ever added elderflowers or anything into the fermentor...
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    priming elder flower champagne

    hi all i want to prime my 5 gallon batch of elder flower champagne which now sits at 0.90 i did some reasearch and it says prime it with a cup or 1 1/4 cup of corn sugar per 5 gallons. I have made an elderflower syrup earlier this year which i want to use to prime my wine. 80 heads of...
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    Elderflower wine stuck fermentation

    Elderflower sugar lemon . That's the cordial. How can I reboots the yeast , do a starter and pitch more? There was airlock activity when it started fermentation but it stopped
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    Elderflower wine stuck fermentation

    I did elderflower wine from cordial, diluted down to taste with water and pitched wlp775 champagne yeast It's been 7weeks and the gravity only went down to 1070. There was lots of airlock activity but gas now stopped I have thiamin tables I want to add to boost the yeast Now there's silva...
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    Hefe 1010

    Shall I move it to somewhere warmer?
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    Hefe 1010

    I have this hefeweizen in primary so far and it's down to 1010 in just over two weeks WLP 380 the yeast used and 3kg wheat and 3kg Vienna Temperature is at 17C at the moment Will I wait another week before bottling or shall I rack off and wait two more weeks before bottling Thanks
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    low carbonation

    It's been 8 weeks at around 14 degrees , cellar temp. I thing I'll chance opening them
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Can the dextrose be substituted with a little elderflower cordial I like the flavour or elderflower in cider or apple wine
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    low carbonation

    i have an irish red that has very little carbonation but so faith its nearly not there i did prime with 70g of sugar instead of 110g so can i open all the bottles and add carbonation drops in each bottle and re cap will that screw the beer or will it work?
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    most hefeweizen call for pilsner i dont like the taste of pils so can i substitute the pils to vienna malt?
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    American Wheat Beer Summer Citrus Wheat

    what other yeast strains can be used as i cant get wyeast 1010
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    Weissbier Bee Cave Brewery Bavarian Hefeweizen

    Can the pis be substituted to Vienna? I don't care about authenticity
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    Weissbier Mozart's Award Winning Hefeweizen

    Can I substitute the Pilsner to Vienna I don't like the taste of Pilsner any way and use wlp 370?
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    ec 118

    im about to brew some elderflower champagne in the coming weeks last year i used ec 118 yeast but i feel it leaves a lot of sulphites taste and smell what other yeast can i use for an elderflower champagne style brew