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    Fruit Beer Belgian Strawberry Blonde - "Evil Charlie's Dog Drool"

    Wow looks awesome, Im making this tomorrow (im sure SWMBO will like it) I'll be spliting it into 2 batches with half on 1 pound of strawberries and the other half on 2 pounds of strawberries to see if I can taste the difference. Any thoughts? I'll post pictures and tasting notes.
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    Ever Wanted to.......

    Chris Z. Camp Pendleton, CA Besides a wort chiller and StarSan, a good brew kettle is one of the most important investments you can make. I started out with a Stainless Steel kettle that came with the kit (and had the thickness of an aluminum can) My stove burner left marks that I could see...
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    Prices off at my LHB? Don't seem to be much savings DIY recipes???

    Ive never bought a kit, never had to, cause I am super lucky to have 4 LHBS within 20 miles of me. The one that I go to all the time ends up costin me around 30-40 bucks for a 5 gallon partial mash/extract batch. That includes buying gallons of water too. Same store sells kits also, but I...
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    yes another is my beer ruined, please yalls opinions

    wow ive never heard about bleach doing that. My major problem with oxyclean is that (i think its the water) but i always spend at least an hour getting all of this residue out that it leaves behind. But if i can get away with just using star san that would be awesome.
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    yes another is my beer ruined, please yalls opinions

    i know its not the best pic sorry its about the best i can mangage with my cell phone
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    yes another is my beer ruined, please yalls opinions

    ok sorry about the long time of no replies. My sanitation/ cleaning is kinda simple, i use a bleach water soak for at least 24 hours in my fermenters and siphons and tubing (and everything else that touches my beer post boil, and I then rinse everything out really really really well (good thing...
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    yes another is my beer ruined, please yalls opinions

    Ok so this is my 7th batch, (a porter) and well theres something on in that ive never seen in any of my other beers. There are some bubbles on the top of the beer, its been in the secondary for 2 weeks now. its just bubbles that dont seem to go away and there is no white stuff or off color...
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    let us know what your gonna do and the results, because im having the exact same problem right now. Ive been unable to cool it down from 72 since the very begining a week ago :(
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    Blichmann Beer Gun give away.

    792, SWMBO's derby number
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    The brewing commandments

    +1 to this... with an addition thou shall use the search feature and read stickys before posting "what does (fill in the blank) mean?"
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    lme vs dme?

    My own .02 Ive used both and never seen a difference in taste between the 2, and never had the twang from LME because i get exactly what i need from the LHBS that can barely keep the LME in stock. i just prefer LME because I find it very easy to work with (DME clumped too much) I also do what...
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    Beer Jokes

    Theres a beer convention in town, after the convention a budwiser rep, a coors rep, a miller rep, and a sam adams rep go to bar. In the bar the bud rep tells the bartender "ill have the king of beers! get me a budwiser!" The coors rep says "I want a taste of the rockies, give me a coors" The...
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    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    Just wondering (another yeast question) what about using White labs WLB 029 (the German Ale/Kolsch)? would that work and still make it all malty goodness? Also i cant keg, so what about 7 days in primary and 21 days in secondary and 2 weeks in bottle? or do i need to extend things? also fyi...
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    The most irritating question

    See Im gonna have to disagree with some of yall on that bud is a "good" beer. Just because I lot of people drink it does not mean its good, just that its cheap and has a really good avertising agency. Lets face it most people who drink it just drink it because A. They are somewhere, sport...
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    Hydrometer - When/How and Why?

    I suggest that you read "how to brew" by John Palmer. I am probibly one of those lazy brewers, but I never take a reading exect when I start and when I bottle. i usually wait untill bubbling has all but stopped before I rack to a secondary and then wait at least 2 weeks (or until my work...