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    Oh crap, I bottled the wrong beer!

    i didn't think cold killed yeast... dont you store your yeast packs in the fridge? sounds like they were put to bed not the grave. keep them around 70 -75 and maybe stir them up a bit?
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    Banana smell from fermenting Brown Ale?

    Banna Nut Ale, kinda like Banna Nut Bread... :drunk:
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    the mash

    ok i'll be batch sparging and was reading up on this, but i've seen two diffrent ways to mash, well to start the mash. one has the grain int he MLT first and then you pour yoru strike water onto/into it and stir. the other is to haev the strike water int he MLT already and slowly add in the...
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    No-rinse sanitizer dripped into yeast starter

    the yeast like star san, but how does star san affect the taste of yoru sample? 0_o
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    It finally happened: A diary of the tripple braggot and lambic braggot

    this is a wicked idea, how's it looking?
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    Small batch question

    i wanted to know how this turned out, i did somethign similar with an apple wine and the only one that was worth keeping to age was the origional and one with honey added. the blackberry, dark cherry, and cinnamon ones were smelling a little ripe and i tossed them.