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    Yeast Harvested from Blowoff?

    OK, I am probably not going to use it. Thanks!
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    Yeast Harvested from Blowoff?

    I used a blowoff tube for my latest batch (it was a pitcher with sanitizer in it). After pouring out the sanitizer, there appears to be some really good yeast in the pitcher, and it smells bready (like yeast). Should I save this and try to make a starter out of it? I figure its kinda like top...
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    American IPA Fresh Squeezed IPA

    I brewed this a few weeks ago and it is dry hopping now. Smells AWESOME!! I hit all my numbers and ended up with about an 8% ABV, so it attenuated pretty well. Can't wait to get this into the keg :)
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    Quick Ferm Chamber Question

    I moved the Cascade IPA out of the chamber and into a secondary. Hydro sample tasted so great! No off flavors (I have been fighting a banana flavor due to temp swings in my swamp cooler setup in the past), but this had none of that. It is dry hopping now in my house, and will go to the keg on...
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    Midwest plastic Big Mouth Bubbler. Already put it to use on a Citra IPA.
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    I have an all Cascade IPA in the secondary dry hopping and a Citra IPA in the fermentor chugging away. Might brew one more this upcoming weekend just to have the pipeline filled.
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    My HB supply line is finally healthy! How about yours??

    I have a freshly kegged batch of Yooper's Stone Ruination IPA dry hopping with whole leaf hops (tastes amazing, btw!), a keg of local craft brew that is half empty, and a nearly empty keg of Dogfish 60 IPA. I have an all Cascade IPA dry hopping in the secondary and a Citra IPA in the fermentor...
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    American IPA Stone Ruination Clone

    Kegged my Ruination clone yesterday, put it at 35 psi for 29 hours, and just tasted a pint. SUPER tasty! I have a small banana flavor, but I think that can be attributed to my swinging fermentation temps. That should be fixed now that I have a temp controlled chamber to make the next batch...
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    American IPA Stone Ruination Clone

    Moved mine to secondary after two weeks in primary. It is dry hopping now, and it did ferment down a couple more points to 1.010. Sample was again very tasty. I plan to move it to the keg tomorrow (5 days of dry hopping), and dunk in 2 ounces of whole leaf dry hops. Hopefully it will be...
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    Who is Brewing this 4th of July....or at least the weekend?

    I have a Dogfish 60 in the keg, a Stone Ruination IPA getting into another keg on Friday, and a Cascade IPA going into the secondary on Saturday. Looks like I need another IPA to brew on Sunday :)
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    Remove grommet on autosiphon?

    I snapped the curved section of the inner tube of my autosiphon. I have a replacement from an old siphon and would like to remove the bottom grommet on the the broken siphon and put it on the old siphon so I don't have to buy a whole new autosiphon. Has anyone done this? It looks like it...
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    Quick Ferm Chamber Question

    I switched over to my newly built STC-1000 temp controller and it is holding my fermenting Cascade IPA right at 65F. This will be my first truly temp controlled brew (used water bath and frozen water bottles in the past).
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I brewed a Cascade IPA on Sunday. I overshot my efficiency a bit, and adjusted the hop additions to compensate. I went through all of my harvested yeast on the last batch of Yooper's Stone Ruination IPA so I started up with a clean 1056. My OG was 1.060 and it is chugging away in my new...
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    American IPA Magic IPA

    Do you whirlpool both hop additions for 20 minutes at the same time? I may have to try this one.