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    Texas Kegerator and brewing equipment for sale

    Selling homebrew kergerator and all equipment. Kegerator - 4 taps - Chalkboard paint on front and right side. Drip trays 4 ball lock kegs 1 hookup for commercial keg 2 CO2 tanks Glass carboy Brew pot Burner Lots of other misc. items. Airlocks, caps, bottle capper, etc. $600 or...
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    Crawlspace Brewery Build

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    faucet like a fire hose with 1/4" tubing

    I also have 1/4 lines with 3/16 shanks and I am hooking my first keg (4 tap system) up today. A friend of mine who has a similar set up to me also had the foam issue. He experimented with different lengths of liquid out tubing and was able to solve the problem.
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    Blow out, what to do now?

    maybe the the walls and the ceiling too. :mug:
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    How Fast Do Wort Chillers Cool?

    i made my own chiller with 25' bought from home depot. not sure the diameter. it takes me about 15 minutes to cool my wort before adding it to my 5 gallon fermenter and topping off with water. I made my chiller for under $20 bucks.
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    What else is homemade at your house??

    I make jerky and beer. researching wine, mead and soda as well.
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    Bottling bucket for seconardy?

    Just thinking ahead if i need to dry hop/rack on top of something. I am placing an order soon/heading to my LHBS and was just curious.
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    Bottling bucket for seconardy?

    I have started kegging my brew. Anyone see any problems with using my bottling bucket as a secondary if i need one?
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    High OG Fruit Beer

    Well, I gave this brew a go on Wednesday. I used the AHS american wheat kit. added towards the end of the boil the following: 3 lbs of extra light DME 1 bag of alcohol boost from AHS my bag of priming sugar (I am kegging it so i figured what the hell) 6 cups of corn sugar the OG was...
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    Finally Made a Chiller

    When I went to home depot to make mine, all they had was 25' and it works just fine. The 50' should be great. well done! Just don't get too tipsy while brewing and step on it like i did with mine on wednesday. Luckily, no kinks.
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    Austin Homebrew is the best

    My credit card got hit and I got the coupon. I will be placing an order next week so I can brew after my finals are wrapped up.
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    Just bottled taste concerns

    RDWHAHB. then while you wait, go out in the street and do the Dougie.
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    I like Shorts, Founders and Bells.
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    High OG Fruit Beer

    Too bad we didn't have this conversation last week! I was on the west side of the state for the beer fest last weekend. stayed in grand haven with some friends.