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  1. yarrowgirl

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I’m brewing a chocolate stout tomorrow in my new brew shed my husband just built for me. Can’t wait to try out my new set-up!
  2. yarrowgirl

    Backyard Mini-Brewery Almost Complete!

    It gets quite hot in Chico- up to 113* in the summer sometimes. I just brew early in the morning and finish up before it’s sweltering on those days. I’m looking forward to my first brew in my new outdoor brewery tomorrow- on a gorgeous 75* day!
  3. yarrowgirl

    Backyard Mini-Brewery Almost Complete!

    Thanks, everyone! I added my little fermentation mini-fridge and some lights this evening. I am so excited to brew this weekend in my new space!
  4. yarrowgirl

    Backyard Mini-Brewery Almost Complete!

    Yes! We have 39 panels, all recently installed by Tesla. We’ve only have two full Months of production so far, but we’re racking up the credits so we can stay cool and not break the bank this summer. We had an excellent experience with Tesla.
  5. yarrowgirl

    Backyard Mini-Brewery Almost Complete!

    My husband (I'm the brewer, not him) built me this awesome and compact space for me to brew in! I am looking into getting a Robobrew all-in-one electric system to go in the empty space, though I do have everything I need to brew with my current 5-gallon system. We don't have a lot of room, but I...
  6. yarrowgirl

    California Grainfather

    Is this still available? Can you post pictures? Where in CA are you located?
  7. yarrowgirl

    Alabama Therminator, pumps, QD

    I am interested in the pump set-up. How much to ship to Chico, CA 95973??
  8. yarrowgirl

    American Brown Ale Sierra Nevada Tumbler Clone

    Your recipe looks great, I think I'll brew it next. Got very excited when I saw Tumbler included in the new fall mixed pack Sierra Nevada just released. The pack also includes Oktoberfest- which they've never bottled before that I know of. I am spoiled to live in Chico where I can attend...