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    How to Brew beer in an hour (or less)

    Justin, Some people will never get it. No worries, those that do understand that this does not have to take the place of their expensive equipment. I have done a number of these types to test our new hops. It is a great way to squeeze in a brew and learn something in a condensed time period...
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    SMaSH: Which hop???

    I am getting close to finishing off a month old keg of single hop Azacca IPA. 2.5 gal batch. 70% MO, 12% wheat, 10% Munich and 8% C-60. 7% ABV. 70 IBU calculated, 30 for bittering and the rest at flameout, then dry hopped with a couple oz. I loved this one, lots of tropical fruit and to my...
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    What is your favorite yeast for American IPA’s??

    US-05, WLP 090 or WLP 029 Kolsch had great success with all...
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    Cashmere Hops - Anyone else getting loads of Passionfruit?

    Funny you said Melon cause that was my first impression. Then I got overwhelming tropical fruits. I love it as a single hop but would also love to see how it plays with other hops.
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    Advice on IPA grain to glass timing

    I am usually drinking my IPA's at about 15 days like others have posted.
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    Cashmere Hops - Anyone else getting loads of Passionfruit?

    Just took a taste of my latest IPA with Summit for bittering and Cashmere for everything else, including Dry Hopping. I am getting a snoutfull of passionfruit and a melange of tropical fruits in the taste. An amazing hop! Anyone else a fan?
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    Going back to extract??

    I just brewed my first extract In years. An IPA to try out Cashmere hops. A very enjoyable brew day, we’ll see how it turns out. Did a full boil for what it’s worth.
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    15 Minute Kitchen Sink Hoppy Wheat Brew Day and Recipe

    Sounds like a good one. One of the best beers I have brewed was inspired by Gumballhead IPA, a heavily wheat IPA. Very nice!
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    Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

    Just picked up my first 12 this week. Amazing as always.
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    I can't tell it my starter is ok or not.

    When using a stir plate no need to use oxygen. I use a stir plate and it can sometimes be difficult to see a difference. If you shut off the stirring for a few minutes about 12-24 hours in you can see activity. Give it a try.
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    How much Passionfruit pulp for a Passionfruit Gose?

    I brewed a passion fruit berliner and added 28 oz (2 packs) to 2.5 gallons in the primary after initial fermentation. Turned out great, very tart.
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    Lager Temp Schedule Question

    When they say 50% attenuation do they mean to the expected FG or to 1.000?
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    Simpsons US supplier, anyone?

    Northern Brewer
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    Let's start with Passion Fruit

    I bought the Goya for my Berliner. Put in at end of fermentation, re-fermented about 4 days then on to keg.
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    Thick...Syrupy...sludgy...STOUT!!! How to get it!!

    If your OG is up higher than say 1.090 you should end up with what you want with around a 150 -155 mash temp unless you add brett. Most yeast will attenuate at 80% on the high end. Adding oats would just be insurance.