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    Time for a brew house! Our build.

    Looking great so far.
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    Wooden Dowel Dip Stick

    I use a plastic ruler with some tape on it for gallon marks. I measure from the lip of my kettle down to the top of the wort. No need to submerge anything to measure.
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    Post build Kegerator pictures

    That is impressive. I don't know if I would have gone through all that trouble.
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    3 weeks of fermenting and still not ready??

    What temp is it fermenting at? A little warmer will speed up the finish.
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    Nevada Forum: Favorite brewery/brewpub/gastropub in the Silver State

    I haven't been too happy with Pigeon Head beers. Some were okay, but a few of the lagers I tried most recently were way too sulfury. They seem hit and miss right now.
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    Drip tray attached to front of keezer?

    Two L-brackets with magnets glued to them, wrapped in electrical tape to help with adhesion to the freezer. Velcro attaches the drip tray to the brackets. Holds 3 full pints with no issues and I can take it off easily.
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    How do I power my DC motor???

    You'll have to use a series of pulleys to step down the RPM of the mill if you're using a motor like that.
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    Funny fermentation - over attenuated?!

    Check to see if your hydrometer is off and that you're adjusting the readings for the measured temp.
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    Are you lazy

    I can be lazy at times, but I've always had the mindset of doing something right the first time rather than half-asked. I'm passionate about brewing and I want a quality product. Doing a double brew day can be fun when you care.
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    NHC Finals - Scores

    Thanks! It was my only entry to make it past the 1st round, but it was my lowest scoring beer. Go figure. First time entering into NHC and I was thrilled just to make it to the finals.