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    Belgian Bottles, corked and caged vs capped

    Wow those bottles look perfect, no way I could order that many at once though. I have never ordered from them, but I see these guys mentioned in other threads where people are looking for lots of corks and cages I ordered...
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    Grain Gobbler advice?

    It was a big surprise for sure. I had mentioned to family members that I was looking to buy a grain mill soon.
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    Grain Gobbler advice?

    I was just given the Grain Gobbler with stainless hopper from morebeer as a gift! The reviews for this mill are a bit mixed. Does anyone have one? I am particularly concerned about connecting it to a power drill. One reviewer said he stripped the threads fairly quickly. I would love to...
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    Online printed source for thin, long labels to go over cap?

    This looks perfect! Thank you! If I end up ordering from here I will report back with results.
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    Online printed source for thin, long labels to go over cap?

    I want to make some thin strip labels like Pretty Things uses over their caps. I don't own a printer, so ideally this would be something I can have printed for me. All I can find are more rectangular labels around 1"x3.5", these are more like 0.75"x6". I suppose I would settle for 1.5"x6"...
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    Naturally carbonate 3gal in 5gal keg

    Just purge with extra co2 when you rack your beer. 3 gallons in a 5 gallon carboy is fine.
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    First Keezer Build

    I bought one of these off craigslist a while back. I ended up selling it since I couldn't figure out how to safely bend the shelves with the tubing in there. How do you plan to bend them?
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    my long awaited build, and a question

    Looks really nice, this is very close to what I hope to build soon, especially the stand. I haven't been in the electric brewing scene for long, but I know that your plugs should definitely *not* be female on the kettle side. This means you are plugging in a live male plug with more than...
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    Help building electric HLT in NH

    Hey everyone, I have been asking around trying to find someone in the central NH (Concord/Manchester) area to help me convert a rubber covered sanke keg that I have into an electric HLT without success. I don't have access to the tools or expertise to do it myself. I just need help with the...
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    How to build a 5 gal, 110v eBIAB kettle

    How effective is soldering the ground wire to an aluminum pot?
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    Dual Element 5 Gallon Batch 120V Build

    I'm hoping to start building an electric HLT off 120V soon, I'll be looking forward to your build!
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    Help building my electic HLT?

    Yes that is my current plan, turn it upside down and find a way to attach a stainless ball valve. I have the sanke fermenter kit from Brewers Hardware which will give me at least the tri clover clamp that I need. Then I need to find a NPT which will take a ball valve, which I think would be...
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    Help building my electic HLT?

    Got it, thanks again.
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    Help building my electic HLT?

    Good to know. How can you tell from the picture? I will be sure to check the gauge of wire before buying an element or installing a new outlet.