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    Loose cannon clone

    IMO you could pick a better beer to be inspired by, but I know for a fact(told when I asked at the brewery) that the hop schedule is 90, 60, 30 and hop back.
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    How Much Rye is Too Much?

    My friend made a near 100% rye beer that was tasty, so I guess the answer is no such thing... In my rye pale ales/IPAs I typically shoot for 17.5%. In a darker beer like that with other competing malt character I'd have no problem going to 20-25% and still assume I'd end up with a pretty...
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    Goose Island Rare Day Tomorrow

    My point is that westy is one of the most hyped beers in the world and you can buy other trappists much more easily and cheaply that are pretty close to the same beer(s). I'm not lining up for rare, paying the price, nor really caring about what GI does at this point. I just find it a bit...
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    Goose Island Rare Day Tomorrow

    Says the guy with the westy profile pic.... Not that I'm saying you are wrong about rare
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    Spent Grains

    This...I create way too much spent grain to even consider using it. ~160 dry pounds last weekend alone
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Any 750ml Loon??? This should get done quickly.
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    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    The only thing better than getting this box is knowing I have 2 more coming from the same guy soon.
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    Russian River and Cellarmaker should be your top two priorities I'd put Rare Barrel at 3, but it's hours and location are going to likely be inconvenient for you. Laugunitas is OK..they have a very nice outdoor area, but as far as beer, the above 3 are IMO the best around. Ive not been to...
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Solid list for sure. Not for my benefit(I'm drinking my last bottle) but you may want to add dynamo fuzz, the apricot/peach version of hum. It was released more recently than hum and is also delicious. Drank a hum a couple weeks ago, and would definitely keep that on the's like NG...
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Glad it arrived safe and sound, hopefully you haven't had any of the extras. it wasn't planned but both the homebrews are funky beers with Malbec. Betty is a lambic grist aged in a red wine barrel for 15 months fermented with 3278, roeselare, and dregs. That portion was 10 weeks on 2...
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Originally Posted by ruger988 View Post Need some stuff for my Birthday Bottle Share on the 14th, Just sayin 3F - Hommage, Schaarbeekse Kriek, OGV Cantillon - Blaeber, Fou, Any Magnum Russian River - FFAC, 750 sours, any magnum (make a WISH,right?) Lost Abbey - Veritas (014 or older), Cable Car...
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    Lindeman's Lambic clone - BYO

    Don't age sours/wilds(or anything long term for that matter) in a bucket. The oxygen exchange that happens around the gasket is way too high and you will end up with more acetic acid than you want. As for fruiting, add the fruit after "terminal gravity" is reached then after 8-10 weeks...
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    Craft Beer MAW

    IL porch bomb inbound.
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Office table destruction courtesy of Rich. I believe the growler is Fat-ener 24
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    Craft Beer MAW

    Rich is up.