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    Weirdness in my starter

    So should I just hope for the best when I put it in my wort? Don't you think it changed the composition of the yeasts? I read that DT yeast is actually two yeast strains... maybe one took over from the other during that hot day...
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    Weirdness in my starter

    I'm planning to brew the Delirium Tremens clone which was discussed in a long thread on the Northern Brewers forums. The recipe is simple enough, but my trouble is with my yeast starter. I cultured up a starter from a bottle of DT a couple weeks ago, and now I want to know if it is safe to put...
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    Tripel Stuck

    A successful brew. This is actually the best beer I have made, by a long shot. It came out just right. It stopped at 1.014 plus or minus a point, and I bottled-conditioned without adding any new yeast, to a pressure of (I'm guessing) 2.9-3.0 vols. After two weeks I started drinking it, and...
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    Tripel Stuck

    Thanks for the reality check. I'm happy with 1.014, and I'm sure I won't find it sweet once it's cold and well-carbonated; beer always tastes somewhat sugary when it's flat and warm. I'm pleased with its taste already -- I think I'm going to make a lot of this style in the future. But next...
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    found this awesome site- has anyone heard of them?

    Yeah, I second what Deathbrewer says; it's a mile from my house and they have good, cheap stuff, and sometimes things you wouldn't expect: Pilsner DME and Munich LME for instance. The supplies (not the ingredients) can be a little pricey though. And I know for a fact that they don't do...
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    Tripel Stuck

    My Belgian tripel, first one I've made, is stuck at 1.014. Not bad, you say, but I wonder if it could go down a little more. Here are the ingredients: 6 lbs Pilsner LME 3 lbs Light DME 1.25 lbs clear candi sugar some hops (20 IBU or so, with some aroma as well) WLP550 Belgian Ale in a 2L...
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    Experiences with WLP550

    Four days ago I brewed a beer which was both my first "big" beer and my first Belgian; I've been watching it like a hawk to make sure it comes out to my satisfaction. It's an extract Tripel made of a mix of Pilsner and 2-Row extract, plus about 15% candi sugar, to an OG of 1.080; hops are...