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    What beers to get in Michigan?

    Dark horse beers rock, there IPA is great also. Michigan Brewing Company's Full Sail IPA and Cellas White are also yummy.
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    Centennial/Amarillo IPA

    +1 on that..........tasty:tank:
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    Beginners epic beer journey with PICTURES Check it out

    You look to be ahead of the curve.....Beer looks tasty.....Nice work !!!! Nice labels.
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    Best Way to Store Hops?

    Right on !!!!!!!!:rockin:
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    If you don't plant a Cascade you're crazy

    I planted Cascade, Centenial, and Columbus.......Centenial sprouted first at 2 weeks, Columbus up in 3 weeks, Cascade juast sprouted through at 5 weeks.
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    Cornelius keg cleaning

    +1...... Good overnite soak with Oxy, then remove and clean posts ( keep seperate ) Rinse, then Star San all and you are ready. :mug:
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    New LHBS and Smoke Shop in Mid Michigan

    Well, got quick replies from wholesale hops and whitelabs. Still waiting on Breiss. Sending info to LD Carleson Tues. Need to find a packaging device for 1 and 2 oz. of hops.
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    Trying to build a kegging system on a very tight budget.

    After that it was picnic taps and 3 used cornys and i was off.
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    Trying to build a kegging system on a very tight budget.

    When I got into kegging I found that after I bought the tank I would have to get it inspected before filled. Even new tanks have to be inspected and tested before filling. After I found that out I went directly to the company that fills them and bought their 10# tank already inspected and filled...
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    Centennial Flavor

    I have made a few IPA's blending Centenial with Amarillo and they were yummy !!!!! The 2 work well together. :mug:
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    Is this batch infected?

    It looks ok to me. I just had a IIPA that still had an inch of foaming krausen after 2 weeks and was bubbkling every 30 seconds or so. It smelled fine coming through airlock and a week later all was settled and done. I think you are good. :mug:
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    New LHBS and Smoke Shop in Mid Michigan

    Mr. Osborn, Thank you so much for your info......Kinda funny. When I got back into Homebrewing 3 years back I went all grain and watched quite a few of your videos on you tube as well as visited your website. My 1st mash tun was modeled after yours. Anyway, the smoke shop is simply to buy...
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    Centennial Flavor

    Centennial late hops give me some citrus but mostly floral and peppery. Bells 2hearted is extreme in the floral/peppery flavor and Founders Centennial IPA seems very peppery.
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    dunkelweis tastes like dog crap

    I had the same thoughts on my Dunkelweizen. But mine was aroma not flavor.Initial smell was off but flavor was spot on.....After letting it condition for awhile and really trying to identify the smell, I think it is heavy clove from fermenting at too low a temp. My temp started at 68 for 2 days...
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    New LHBS and Smoke Shop in Mid Michigan

    Well, e-mails are in to several suppliers. Looking at wholesale costs, turn around and payment procedures. Now on to Cigar suppliers as well as roll your own cig stuff. We will see what happens. :mug: