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    WORST hops flavor combinations

    Actually that happens to be a VERY timely reply - Yesterday it just so happened to be my brew day (and my work schedule has made brew days way to scarce these days) - and guess what I had planned to make? A pale with CTZ and El Dorado! Your thread saved me from it!!! Although I suspect...
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    Wild chokecherry wine

    I made this last night with Grandpa! Scaled down to 6 gallons. A couple of questions: 1) will KV-1116 or Premier Cuvée work? This is in a small town and they were out of EC-1118. 2) when I was crushing the semi-frozen berries, by hand, in the paint strainer, they seemed like they were...
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    Wild chokecherry wine

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    Wild chokecherry wine

    Yooper - curious in how your batch turned out using the "reduced grape concentrate" version of the recipe. I too, am very into the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and like to make things as purely from the wild stuff I pick as possible. For example, I'm the type of person that when I get a deer I...
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    Keezer freezer size (4keg+2fermenters)

    What size freezer would you recommend getting to do 4 kegs on the floor (don't have them yet, probably ball lock) plus 2 - 5 or 6 gal carboys for like a "keezer/lagereezer" combo setup? My gut is telling me 10.2 cf models would be the way to go but not sure. Also not sure I want to commit to...
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    Purple Session Ale

    Make it and let me know! I haven't made a Pils yet but my dad loves them. Do it! Cheers!
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    Purple Session Ale

    How'd this turn out? Sounds like a super interesting brew! Picked up some at my local co-op as I love it as a rice and had the same thoughts about it as a potential brew. I would agree it would pair nicely with a fruity/citrusy hop. Was hoping to dig up some info on this, found this old...
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    Welch's Grape Juice Wine

    If I were you, I would get rid of the last 3 words before "Was this TMI?".
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    Ok to mash up to 3 hours?

    Is it Ok to mash up to 3 hours? I use an IGLOO 5 Gal tun, it will be pretty full. Reason I ask is I want to brew but have an appointment come up from 1-3. Thinking I would start the mash-in around 12:30, go to the appt. and then get home and start lautering by 3:30. The beer I have...
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    Worst. IPA. Ever.

    Yeah, I am not sure what they were getting at here. Sometimes I wonder, (because I see so many new flavors from them, esp. Along the lines of flavored beers) if they don't have some kind of strategy to like make a new "seasonal" flavored beer when, like they don't have the right market demand or...
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    Worst. IPA. Ever.

    Ha! No. It was terrible .... It was in my top 3 worst "IPA's" All I could taste was some kind of artificial grapefruit flavoring blanketing a very generic tasting "beer".
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    Worst. IPA. Ever.

    I wish I could have tasted the sand/dirt/mud in it. I would have welcomed an added dimension of complexity and mouthfeel those could have contributed to this beer...
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    Anyone use a valve on their plastic fermenter?

    Just an FYI if you use Teflon tape, do not use PBW. I never thought of this,(and fortunately don't have any teflon tape on things that may come in contact with the beer) but I noticed today while cleaning something on the back if the jar it says in bold letters NOT FOR USE ON TEFLON or something...
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    Anyone use a valve on their plastic fermenter?

    1. I too have found you have to have it tight enough. I woke up to mysterious puddles of liquid one day when I used it full of starsan one brew day to soak my gear in. Oops! Fortunately it was just Star-San , not beer. There's an easy way to prevent this though, just test it before hand...
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    Alternatives to Plastic Mash Tun (Infusion/Batch Sparge)

    Ahh. Yes. I was told once it was bad if you oxygenate/aerate it when it's hot due to some chemical reaction that I have nothing to back up, and that it was OK only once at pitching temp. Hopefully this person who told me this is WRONG! I aerate the crap out of my wort though once it's chilled