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Any one interested in astronomy might know me as a moderator and sometimes trouble maker on Astromart.com. I do Photography (wildlife and astrophotography)and of course make and drink mead beer and wine... I am a dog trainer, working with severall no kill animal shelters, I also train and offer behavioral rehabilitation privately for aggressive and fearfull canines, along with competition agility and therapy dog work. My wife and I operate a small Wolf Hybrid (Wolfdog) sanctuary for rehoming and sanctuary of unwanted Wolfdogs. Hidden Valley Wolfdog Sanctuary, check us out on facebook!
Hidden Valley
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Dog trainer,Canaine Behavioral Rehabilitator


Check out Hidden Valley Wolfdog Sanctuary on facebook.


Working to save unwanted Wolfdogs from euthenasia, and educating the public about the joys and trials of Wolfdog and other exotic canid companionship.