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    How to deal with green mold

    Hi all, I had my first infected batch this week--a hefeweizen that developed mold around the krausen ring (picture below). I believe the culprit was an airlock that I let dry out. I dumped the batch and cleaned the fermenter, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how I should proceed...
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    Boston Homebrew Competition - Feb 22

    Were the winners posted previously correct? Specifically interested in the Light hybrid category--thanks!
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    US-05 stalling out

    Recipe is here and says expected fg is 1.014.
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    US-05 stalling out

    You could be right, but that would be low ~65% attenuation and I only had a pound of c40 (rest of the recipe was 1# carapils 9.5 # two row and 4 oz chocolate malt. Mash temp was 154 ..seems a little high to finish there no?
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    US-05 stalling out

    I've got an amber ale that's been in primary for 3 weeks and seems to be stuck at 1.020. I had it in a ferm chamber set to 66F and I believe it stayed there for a few days but my basement then dropped to around 60F. The yeast was rehydrated, OG was1.060, and the wort was oxygenated with pure O2...
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    Help me out here..

    Does this starter look infected? The small white spots are getting me worried as I haven't seen that before. This is wlp090 that's been cold crashing for about 12 hours
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    Need second stage on fermentation chamber

    Hey all, I've had a chest freezer hooked up to a single stage Johnson A419 temp controller for about a year now and have had trouble during the cold season with the ambient temperature being slightly below my desired temperature. Basically I think I need a second stage. If I were doing this...
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    Evaulate my crush

    I recently bought a Cereal Killer mill and would love some input on my crush. I set the mill to ~.38 thousandths of an inch using a feeler gauge and this is the result on a few ounces of 2-row. I realize consistency is what really matters but trying to get a feel for whether this looks like a...
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    London esb yeast attenuation guidance

    My Brown ale started at 1.045 and my Wyeast1968 starter brought it down to 1.017 after 3 weeks. I roused the carboy after 2 weeks but no luck getting any lower. That's 62% attenuation which is well below the 67-71% guideline on Wyeast's website (but close to the bottom of the range that white...
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    Guidance on correcting overshot OG

    Hey all, I'm brewing a kolsch right now and overshot my target OG by quite a bit (LHBS tightened their mill a lot apparently). I collected 8.2 gallons * 1.042 wort for a total of 344.4 gravity points. This would give 5.5 gallons of 1.063 wort which is higher than what I'd like (I was...
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    Rushed starter

    Looks like Wyeast acknowledges that the 100B number might be for the freshest possible smack pack: "During this 6 month guaranteed shelf life, some loss of viability is to be expected."
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    Rushed starter

    What's confusing me is that both Mr Malty and Brewers Friend pitching rate calculators seem to want you to account for age/viability with smack packs (or white labs tubes), which suggests to me that there is a viability drop off after all and you may not be starting with 100bn cells after a...
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    Rushed starter

    Wow--very helpful response, thanks. My only question is around your assumption that a smack pack will have 100B viable cells for 6 months. Isn't the point of factoring in manufacturing date when building starters that you need to account for the viability drop off (which from my understanding is...
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    Rushed starter

    Sorry--to clarify: I think I am going to forego the starter since I don't feel too great about giving such a non-flocculant yeast so little time to crash. Instead I'm going to just suck it up and pitch multiple smack packs: thus the 4 smack packs (4x50b cells gets me to the ~200b cells I need...
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    Rushed starter

    Mr Malty says 47% viability based on that date and I need ~200B cells..shouldn't I be using 4 packs?