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    So what do you guys do besides brew (pics encouraged)

    yeah, but it was helpful insulation when it got down to -7 later that trip... ugh..
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    So what do you guys do besides brew (pics encouraged)

    At school I measure trees and during breaks I like to take pictures
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    fermentation temp too high

    What I like doing to keep the carboy cool is to set it in a large rubbermaid container filled with water. If you freeze a gallon jug of water and drop it in the water next to the fermenter it will help lower the temp in the carboy. It'll take a while though, it's a lot of fluid to cool. It...
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    Summer Slump

    oops, sorry for the extra large size.
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    Summer Slump

    farmbrewernw, nice shot of the Painted Hills. my roommates and I went there last December, bite ass cold. How's the weather now? we were thinking about heading back this summer for some more photography. btw, this is my photo of that same shot: :D