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    Any extract kits to steer clear of?

    First off let me apologize for the bad experience you had. Not sure what kit you were brewing since I have 3 kits that have only 3lbs of LME. The Outback Honey Ale (also includes 2# of honey), Sprit of St Louis Lager (also includes 2# of rice extract) and the 10,000 Lakes Light Lager (also...
  2. WindRiverGuy

    Best starter kit to get....?

    Better throw my hat in the ring too! Any questions let me know. Cheers!
  3. WindRiverGuy

    how long will ingredients keep?

    You can also freeze the LME. If you have the room in the freezer I would just freeze the whole kit. (Take the liquid yeast out and put it in the fridge though!)
  4. WindRiverGuy

    Any Beekeepers?

    homebrewer 99- I wouldn't be too concerned about getting inspected. They are primarily concerned about CCD and some other diseases. Don't think you would get too hassled by the man for a hive or two. I would contact your local bee club. There seem to be one for every region in the country...
  5. WindRiverGuy

    Any Beekeepers?

    No Wisconsin doesn't require registration. I know some states are even offering grant money for hobby beekeepers to get them started. This is to boost the declining bee population which is becoming a serious problem in some areas. For anyone interested and not having the space- If you know...
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    Any Beekeepers?

    Just wondering if anyone keeps bees. I started last year with two hives. I got about 10 gallons of honey last year. Things were looking good for both hives until we got a late March storm that blew the lid off of one of the hives. It never recovered so I'll have to get more bees for that one...
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    Bad Smack Pack? Repitch?

    Been having this issue with Wyeast 1056 for the past few years it seems. It seems to be a problem with just the 1056 since I have few problems with any of the other varieties. Should be fine to use. Good luck.
  8. WindRiverGuy

    Temperature or disturbance a bigger issue in fermentation?

    Watch your speed! Might be interesting thing to explain to the cops! :)
  9. WindRiverGuy

    flaked maize

    Think you'd have a bowl of Hog feed!
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    Liquid Yeast Question

    +1 to Snitzengiggle. Keep in mind the temp in the back of a delivery truck can get REALLY hot. I had a driver tell me it was over 120F in the back of his truck on a hot day! Always a good idea to do at least a quick culture to make sure the yeast is active BEFORE brewing. Main reason I quick...
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    Questions about "Growing" your Own Beer.

    Go for it Jumbo! I agree with COLObrewer let us know how it goes. I tried malting barley once years ago. It was a reasonable success but tons of messing around. It is ALWAYS good to experiment. That's what the hobby is all about!
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    got some gunk in my beer.

    I assume there were hop pellets in the bags. It will be fine. Most of it will settle or ride on the foam during fermentation and stick to the sides of the fermenter. No worries.
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    Should i flush this brew?

    Let it do it's thing. If you did a culture you should be fine. If it all goes south you can always use it to boil bratwurst.
  14. WindRiverGuy

    DME, Corn, Cane..

    DME does take a little longer about 10 days but it varies with temp etc. I also use more, 1 1/4 cups of DME instead of 3/4 cups of corn sugar.
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    I am a Homebrewer [video] Release

    Fantastic! Awesome Job!