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  1. williamnave

    Why use a sight glass on brew kettle?

    I got a pot that had a sight glass on it when I was upgrading. I didn't really care at the time, I wanted the pot for other reasons. Now I can't imagine not having a sight glass. I couldn't go back!
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    Beer Smith 2 - What am I doing wrong

    Also, go to add-ons, download grains and add them. WAAAAY more grains to play with.
  3. williamnave

    Just by adding acid !

    I saw this discussion and was wondering something.... Martin, isn't simply boiling the water a simple way to reduce bicarbonate concentration while adding nothing else to the water? Is that right? If it is right, how long would you boil it?
  4. williamnave

    Wyeast 3711 quick question

    Very interesting. Been at work all day, can't wait to get home and see what its doing.
  5. williamnave

    Wyeast 3711 quick question

    Hi, this is my first experience with this yeast, I have a question. I used one smack pack, put it on my stirplate for a couple days. Very little visible activity, but when I crashed it there was a lovely white cake at the bottom. Decanted and pitched into 10 gallons of 1.060 Saison, its in a...
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    brainstorming, and limited on brain...can I borrow yours?

    I was thinking an APA too. That might work. Has anyone ever done that successfully? I usually like to take a month or so but I'm on a time crunch for an event
  7. williamnave

    brainstorming, and limited on brain...can I borrow yours?

    So I need to make a beer, style not all that important. I need it to go from grain to glass in about 18 days. I keg and force carb. Only thing I can come up with is a Hefe. Any other ideas? Thanks all. -Bill
  8. williamnave

    Stainless Steel Tap Handle Ferrules?

    Just wanted to tell you that is one sweeeeeet tap handle! :mug: You said you ground them flat, and they worked great until the corrosion, right? Couldn't you just send them out to be chromed? I would imagine any local Harley shop could point you towards a Chrome shop.
  9. williamnave

    Food grade C02...

    I don't know about the UK, but on this side of the pond they're exactly the same. A buddy of mine works at a welding shop here in town that supplies both CO2 and O2 to the local breweries in town. Just as a side note, the ONLY difference in welding O2 and medical O2 is the paperwork. They...
  10. williamnave

    Wheat beer came out light

    I'm no expert, and if I'm wrong someone chime in because I'd like to know. Without the protein rest, you're giving away some of the 'hazy' character. Wheat beers 'seem' darker because they're so cloudy, not clear. Rice hulls generally are used with wheat because it's very 'gummy' in texture...
  11. williamnave

    What NOT to Do With Spent Grains

    I have a local chicken farmer come get the stuff. I just email them, and leave the grains in a bucket by my garage. Chickens get fed, farmers get free grain, and I've got one less thing to deal with on brew day :mug:
  12. williamnave

    perlick faucets... chrome or SS?

    I was just wondering this same thing, and debating whether or not to use SS or chrome faucets. I gotta tell ya, sure SS is stronger, more durable, and lasts longer. But we're talking a homebrew kegarator here. How many 1000's of gallons would it really take for even EdWort's concoction to eat...
  13. williamnave

    pure O2 aeration or yeast starter: choose one

    We built a stir plate with used parts that works great, and has produced consistent, solid results. Build a stir plate and buy the o2 kit!!!
  14. williamnave

    First all grain batch

    +1 rice hulls. Wheat malt is 'gummy' and you'll get much better efficiency if you use rice hulls to loosen things up. smoked malt as 10% of the grist might get you a little more than a 'hint' of smoke. Be sure the wheat malt is good & crushed, too.
  15. williamnave

    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    :confused: --Prepares self for oncoming onslaught of beration-- OK, so for those of us late to the party and having trouble following a 1500+ post discussion, what happens when you plug in the 220v version to 110v? Does it work? Does it blow up? Does it fizzle? Do you and Doc Brown end up...