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    Sanyo 4912 replacement?

    Frigidaire has worked out great for me here is my build....
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    Sanyo Frigidaire or Danby for conversion? What kit?

    The Frigidaire was pretty easy take a look at how I did it....
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    Thermostat Relocation

    Im sure you have already finished your relocation but take a look at how I did it
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    Carbing keg?

    It usually takes my beer to carb up in about 2 to 3 weeks. I wouldn't shake the keg up. Just set it and forget it and you will be happy that you waited.
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    Home brewing can be dangerous....

    It seems that the connection from the hose to the burner was loose. I don't know if it worked its way loose when we were brewing or what. We were too scared to fire it back up after we tightened it up.
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    Home brewing can be dangerous....

    So today my buddy and I did a dual brew together. He was brewing a Flat Tire clone and I was brewing an American Pale Ale. We had everything set up on the balcony at my apartment and everything was going well. After a while we started to smell propane. I knew something wasn't right because...
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    Kegconnection customer service

    They have been good to me. Every time I send an e-mail i'll usually get a response within 5 days.
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Keg Conversion

    It worked out great, better than I expected really. I edited the post above to tell what I used. Let me know if you have any questions
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Keg Conversion

    Everything is finished, let me know if you have any questions.
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Keg Conversion

    1) Finished Thermostat installed 2) Everything finished and plugged up, showing the new light location. 3) Kegs in fridge and fitting great. 4) Outside finished 5) Just another pic of the outside finished.
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Keg Conversion

    1) We installed the copper pipes down through the holes and filled the void with spray foam. 2) After filling the hole with the foam we installed the plywood and attached with the screws originally used for the tower mounting. (some flush 1/4-20 screws were bought from lowes to attach the tower...
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Keg Conversion

    Here are the pics of my Frigidaire FRC445GB Kegerator Conversion. Sorry some of the pictures are blurry, I didnt realise the lens on my camera was dirty till we were about done. Supplies: Frigidaire 4.4 from Lowes Keg Connection Kegerator Conversion Misc...
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    Low bitterness high aroma?

    Can anyone tell me a good extract kit that has low bitterness and High aromas? I love the aromas of say a Hazed and Infused and like how the IBUs are low. Please help I'm running out of homebrew!!
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    Thermostat Relocation

    Im pretty sure I know where you are going. Thanks guys I'll get right on it.
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    Thermostat Relocation

    I'm doing a keggerator conversion on a Frigidaire mini-fridge right now and need to know how to relocate the thermostat. I want to fit two 5 gallon kegs in the fridge but they won't fit without moving the temp control. Is there a step by step thread on here regarding this? Thanks for any input.