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    Electrical Safety.

    QUOTE=jkarp;1594213]The dedicated small-appliance circuits in the kitchen have an exception. They can be run up to 100% for non-continuous loads. It's also important to realize 120v is rarely 120v. It's more common to see 110v due to resistive line losses. A dedicated small appliance circuit...
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    Electrical Safety.

    Look up din rail mounted circuit breaker
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    Who's ordered from Hops Direct??

    The irony of it all is that even with their "inflated" shipping they are still quite a bit cheaper for 1lb then the supplier mentioned earlier with flat rate shipping....
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    Electrical Safety.

    The problem I see pointing people to table 310.16 is that I would bet most people do not no how to use it, much less know anything about derating and correction factors. I could see someone looking at the table and not notice the * that points you to 240.4(D) which states that the maximum OCP...
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    Comments - 240v Outlet Install

    Is this an attached or detached garage
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    Chicago got shot down!!

    Maybe they were creeped out that Michelle Obama was sitting on her daddy's lap watching the Olympics when she was 20 years old.....LOL
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    Beer Vacation in Milwaukee

    What law is that??? Dan said he stopped distribution to Illinois because he couldn't keep up with demand and still create a quality product....
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    50A GFCI after a 30A breaker?

    For temporary use that is exceptable you just have to remember that the portable panel itself has no GF protection.
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    50A GFCI after a 30A breaker?

    It is perfectly acceptable to feed a 60A load center with a 30A breaker. Edit: Good answer thisjrp4 I would just like to added that the OP idea should work fine. The 50A GFCI breaker would add GFCI protection but not over current protection (which is provided by the 30A breaker) so basically...
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    Beer Vacation in Milwaukee

    You can buy unplugged just about anywhere in Wisconsin, I buy them at Pick N' Save. Hell if you were up for a drive like that I would head to Potosi and check out the National Brewery Museum
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    Beer Vacation in Milwaukee

    Good suggestions I would personally have a Blatz though...I know a bar that serves .75 long necks all day every day....LOL As far as the concertina bar that would be Art's Concertina Bar which I think is now Kochanski's Concertina Bar. I haven't been there in years though.
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    Beer Vacation in Milwaukee

    I forgot to mention that if you go to Lakefront make sure to try their Pumpkin Lager.
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    Beer Vacation in Milwaukee

    If you are just going to Milwaukee you could also stop in at Water Street Brewery. Oh and nothing beats fresh Wisconsin squeaky cheese curds.....
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    Window A/C unit using extension cord and power strip

    This is just another instance were there are way to many different circumstances to really cover it safely since we do not know the condition or method of the house wiring or OCP devices. In our facilities extension cords are allowed ONLY for temporary use. The main reason being the risk of...
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    Calling all electricians and other saavy electrical engineers HELP!!!!

    Now it makes a lot more sense.... BTW in the trades we call that a wiggy