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  1. wigstr

    Tax Time... excited or DREADING it?

    A scribe once told me "if you have to pay a lot of money in taxes, it is ok because that means you had a good year and made some serious $$$" I would rather make 3x more and have to pay tax than to make what I do now and get money back. just my .02
  2. wigstr

    Austin Homebrew

    It takes me 1 business day to get my stuff from them if I pay for regular UPS ground. (not flat rate) -I live outside of Dallas... It seems their website is better than some others I have been on too, it looks much nicer. As far as I am concerned AHS is the bomb
  3. wigstr

    Stone IPA Clone Comparison - You pick the real one!

    They are both yours- aahahhahahahhahah
  4. wigstr

    'Fess up! Who is guilty of staring at the damned airlock??

    Sometimes I stare at the airlock, to see if I can see the first bubble... SWMBO thinks I am weird.
  5. wigstr

    The Gingerman in downtown Dallas, TX.

    I freaking love the Gingerman, my kind of joint. :mug:
  6. wigstr

    I can finally post in here

    Just got my keezer ready, have beer ready to keg, Thank god... I am so tired of bottling. :mug:
  7. wigstr

    Zombipocalypse Survival Kit

    it would also be good to get a very good set of maps. In the event of something catastrophic in a big city Inter-states are going to be a no go. That way you can find a good route and avoid swarms of people in masses and hit the back roads. I would think it would be important to have somewhere...
  8. wigstr

    5 to 6 days before shipping from AHS?!!

    I have always had good luck with AHS... sorry to hear about that, but if I was in a rush I would have upgraded shipping.
  9. wigstr

    Beer is only drunk by losers and sadsacks

    I prefer *****epump, but I never claimed to be a wordsmith.
  10. wigstr

    Free Faucets and beer/air hose

    Sorry not for sale..... Just like I told my wife... "I knew all this mid-day drinking would pay off"
  11. wigstr

    Free Faucets and beer/air hose

    So I am at the bar slamming some brews and the beer line faucet cleaner guy is there.... I asked him if he has any faucets beer/air line he can spare for a home brewer like myself. He says meet me at my truck and I will see what I got.... I walk away with 3 perlick faucets and 30' beer line...
  12. wigstr

    Music Match

    Blinded by the Light- Steve Miller Band
  13. wigstr

    SWMBO vs. Thermostat

    Ferm. was still going well I am not worried about it. It was just funny to hear her say "Its not like its alive"
  14. wigstr

    SWMBO vs. Thermostat

    Plus she may get the dog and half my brewing setup!!!!
  15. wigstr

    SWMBO vs. Thermostat

    Ferm Chamber is a must... I have a habit of drinking all my "extra money" ---time to draw a line in the sand. As for SWMBO it is cheaper to keep her.