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    How to get started making starters

    I use something very similar - I believe the same stir plate? I bought piece-wise, and I think the stir plate came with a lifetime warranty (?). As others have said, I’m not sure you’ll need everything in the picture except for the DME. I also only use a sanitized piece of aluminum foil over...
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    Inkbird setup without heater

    Is there a reason you’re not using some kind of heating element? Just curious if it were a setup issue/concern or purely shelling out the money for something. I use a Fermwrap on a similar device and setup and it works great. I think I bought mine for $35 a few years ago and it’s still...
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    Cold Crashing & CO2

    Greetings, Typically I’ll dry hop in the keg or some kind of secondary fermenter. For scheduling reasons, I tossed the pellets into the primary and planned on just cold crashing to drop them out. To do so, I typically fill a balloon with some CO2 and attach to my standard blow-off tubing. It...
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    New grain mill - proper settings

    Thanks Bob, Running conventional mash - I may just run it through the mill again. I put everything together, including some wheat malt, which I usually run through twice anyway.
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    New grain mill - proper settings

    Greetings, I purchased a new grain mill and I’m attempting to dial in the settings. Please have a look at the photo and see if you’d qualify this as proper? Thanks! Dan
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    Pilsner recipe - water suggestion?

    All, I'm planning my next brewday and I've got some WY2124 that I've already starting building (it's old), and I'd like to brew a German pilsner. I've not brewed many pilsners (lagers in general), so I'm seeking some advice regarding water profiles. My local water 'looks' like this: 22 Ca...
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    Hoppy Pale Ale Recipe

    Greetings, Looking for advice on amount of late addition/whirlpool hops for a light, hoppy ale I'm considering for this weekend. I realize hop perception can vary from person to person, but I'm looking for any opinions: Golden Promise Malt - 100% Target OG: 1.052 (5.33% ABV) 60 min: Citra 28...
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    Yeast suggestion thread

    Thanks for the advice! Worked up a 2L starter of WLP002 last night... it’s chugging along with A LOT of activity right now. Brewing on Sunday. Cheers!
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    Massachusetts 10G SS Brewtech Kettle

    Still available? Please PM me if so... very interested.
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    Yeast suggestion thread

    I’m brewing a Pale Ale hopped with only Chinook this weekend. Grain bill will either be all pale malt or maybe a slight addition (4%) of Caravienne or Caramel 60 (color and slight sweetness). It was recently suggested to use WLP002 instead of the standard Chico I would use for this kind of...
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    Black buildup on conical wall

    Thank you for the reply. Is there anything health-wise I need to be concerned about if the beer tastes fine post bottle conditioning? Are these oils poisonous or anything? This is indeed a Ss brewbucket! I picked up some TSP recently and will break everything down and clean thoroughly.
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    Black buildup on conical wall

    I’m new to brewing in a conical, but recently bought a stainless steel vessel as an upgrade to my glass carboys. I’ve included pictures to show what I found with my first brew. I don’t ever recall this color of buildup on the wall of the glass carboy (black). Also, there was quite a bit of...
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    Copper chiller clean?

    Thanks MaxStout - regarding the spots, even with Starsan they seem to remain. Even post-boil, they remain. I’ve seen other threads suggesting a longer soak in Starsan, so perhaps I’ll try that.
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    Copper chiller clean?

    Thanks for your reply, ancientmariner. I noticed them a couple of times now and even post-boil, they remain on the coil. I’ll dispose of it and go with stainless if it’s a concern, but I wanted to see what the ‘community’ thought first. Thanks again
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    Copper chiller clean?

    I’ve brewed a few batches of beer with this coil chiller, and lately noticed these marks on it. I typically soak it in OneStep in the kettle after brewing. Anyone know what this is? Anything to worry about? Should I dump what I’ve already brewed?